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I have been in Adelaide for five days now, trying to get my days and times figured out! Dancing for several hours everyday with my Collective Soul dancers. They are fabulous and we are all working and dancing very hard! I am proud of their diligence Today is the final day with much drilling and then the…testing (drum roll). And then tonight, the performance of Caravan Soul Collective, International.  A very exciting day for all.

The Adelaide markets are amazing—so much great food, coffee, fruits, cheeses, bins and bins and stacks of beautiful bounty. It seems to go on forever, turning another corner and there are fresh flowers, and rows of delicious roasted nuts, and more fruit. It is hard not to fill up bags with all of this food. I opt for a few fresh figs, a lovely hunk of local triple cream cheese,  an eggplant and olive tapenade, and of course some Australian wines. It is all I can carry, but I am heading back this morning before our class. Must have some passionfruit and I’m looking for mangosteens, but have not found them down here. I had them in Cairns last year and they are amazing little fruits of juicy white flesh.

We celebrated Dee’s birthday yesterday morning by having breakfast in the market. I had a plate of scrambled eggs with feta and rocket, and the most delicious mushrooms smothered in a pesto gravy, so rich and delightful. With a beautiful cappucino. I am ready for another one this morning!

Did I mention that I have been waking up at 3 or 4 am every morning? My clock is a little wonky… but time for writing and yoga before my day begins.

Collective Soul dancers, minus Becky………………Breakfast with Dee on her birthday


celebrating with gluten-free cake and bubbly!

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