Paulette Rees-Denis — Dance and Desire and Friday Bling

Paulette Rees-Denis — Dance and Desire and Friday Bling

How has your week been my friends? Still February, and I’ve been outside gardening like a madwoman! I so love getting my hands and knees dirty in the soil, it’s like healing therapy for me.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, and sometimes you just need the earth between your fingers to feel the bounty of life. Know what I mean?

A week of finishing up my videos for Collective Soul Online, Level Two, coming up in April… I so enjoy writing up, filming, audiotaping these GCTB Certification Intensive courses for you. They become even more profound the more I give them this even more permanent structure as a four week course online class, thinking of all the ideas and theories and musings I want to pass on to you, the dance, the exercises, the questions. To guide you into the wholeness that makes you a brighter and happier artist…you are the creator of your own life after all. So you can shine and sizzle and sparkle with your light too.

Passing it on… I’m working on an article now for Shimmy Magazine, with some of those thoughts.

And now…wow, I have a plethora of bling below…OMG such amazing people in this world! YOU… ok, tell me what your favorite bling is out of this batch, in the comments below! What inspired you the most?

Friday Bling

Thanks Jonathon Fields…

“The dance is the dance. Understand the process, embrace the practice, and you tap into not just a potential lever for entrepreneurial success, but a replicable pathway to the satisfaction of desire and expression.”

Great Over the Moon mag….couple of articles!

hello goddesses…how about a little yoni steaming?

and dancing with your divine self!

Check out this site…food and body freedom

One of my fab poets, Mary Oliver, turned on to my by my sweet friend Louisa, reads aloud her words—wow…


Tribal Bliss is still on sale for you, through March 15th!…here

Tribal Bliss -Volume 1 – Dance and Vision Online Course, 4 weeks of dance, journaling, meditations, and more…

As I write and think about bliss, it occurs to me that I am aware of blissful moments when they show up, and many times I may even think about them and write about them and integrate those blissful moments into my being. Many of them may just pass through my mind and body and dissolve into thin air, but blissful moments are too precious for this. I want to be aware of my every day moments that have hidden nuggets of bliss within them, which may be covered over by my mind chatter and false beliefs. I would like to get to the place where I am fully integrating all of these experiences of bliss into each and every cell. I want to memorize bliss. J. W.

Ask Robert Guitron, Director of Polaris Dance Theatre, what is dance and who should dance and he’ll let out a big sigh indicating the weight and depth of the response, then hardly missing a beat, out comes his answer:

“Dance is a rudimentary necessity of humanity. It transcends language, culture, demographics, and it’s the oldest form of expression and communication.” And, he emphasizes, “Everyone should dance, everyone should express themselves.” Robert laments that we’ve put stigmas and  judgements on ourselves and others about who is and what is a dancer. But to be a professional artist is completely different than enjoying the art form itself. Like cooking, not everyone is a chef; but learning how to cook and learning what to do with food is part of sustaining yourself and your family and helping you succeed. Robert loves to see people on the street rocking out to their headphones or in the car jamming out. “If we could find more ways of just doing that, society would be healthier.” Movement for movements sake.

Compassion at its finest…

So inspiring, this dancer…Eileen Kramer

Almost sold out! Three spots left at our Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend at Breitenbush retreat! Join with Elena Lipson, Lynea Gillen, and myself for this amazing weekend in a rustic mountain natural springs resort…dance, hot tubs, saunas, yoga, meditations, journaling, self-care, laughter, peace, and a wonderful circle of women!

Feature of the Week...Gypsy Caravan’s Online Class #3, More Tribal Bellydance!
Several sections of technique and drilling with several other moves, for you to dance along to, review, refine, and add new steps!

online3Well??? Awesome stuff, eh?

Full of gratitude for this life, and for you…




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