Slow Dancing-the Mexico agenda

Starting the next day with another two hour workshop-mesmerizing slow moves. Slow is hard. Slow is yummy and exquisite, but hard. Hard to slow the perhaps nervously excited body down, with the adrenaline pumping. Slowing down to really listen to the music, then your body, to feel it in your soul, from the inside out. I always say, if you can dance slow, you can do almost anything…(tweet that!)

Strength, muscle control, milking the move, without exaggeration in the rushed timing of you wanting to move faster. I remember when I started dancing, all I wanted to do was shimmy. Dance fast and furious. The shimmy queen. Slow was difficult because it was(is) hard for me to slow down in general. The dance excited me, I wanted to explode with it. Fire. Me. Oh yea..

But to be able to bring it down, with quiet execution, stillness of a sort, heartfelt strength, playing the movement, letting the body roll with the melody-that can be a moment of reverence, a dance full of prayer.

How does one teach slow dancing? How do you share that heartfelt, inner feeling? I try to explain how listening is an art form of itself. Most of us go through our days consumed with ourselves, our work, our whatever, and stopping to truly listen is an idea to really think about. Did you actually hear what I said, or are you nodding to get on with yourself? Think about it…

I share ideas, concepts, exercises, music, and moves. The dancers are gorgeously dancing and working it out. It comes easy to some, and harder for others, who, like me back in the day, wanted to bust a gut!

But these gals worked it hard, and are so enjoying the offerings, the newness, the freshness, the love we are sharing. The celebration and beauty and art of the dance. My heart overflows… Carol and I are beaming as the dancers breathe and flow…we create and dance and life is good.

To be continued:)



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