Mexico City and Tribal!

The two days of workshops were invigorating. I love having the five-six hours of daily dance time with dancers who have come specifically to study with me, whether it be out of curiosity, to find out what I’m all about, or to already know and have the desire to study my styling of Tribal Bellydance. Walky from Ghytias Tribe has brought me here to share the love and to round up the dancers some of them having travelled over four hours, and some are with Mexico City itself, the locals!

Ghytias means something akin to being a hostess, helping other enjoy the party, keeping the glasses full, and helping others connect…sounds familiar to me, don’t you think? And she is full of the true tribal spirit, a sister in the dance.
 With broken but good English, they ask questions, but mostly stay quiet to absorb my movements and my words (with the help of Kiki and Sharon, my fabulous interpreters and since I know next to none Spanish). Carol, my Gypsy C dancing sister, has travelled with me from Portland to assist me on my Mexican journey, my first time to teach in this vast country of Mexico, full od growing tribes and searching tribal dancers-so exciting.

Starting GC tribal technique reviews, we go over some basic steps for refinement, add their variations, combinations, and fabulous possibilities of this earthy and organic dance style. They learn some of the roots of the dance, but more importantly, I try to share with them and help them understand how to dance as an artist, to really enjoy their dance, how to open up heart and soul and body to move with grace, to follow and lead. We do t have to get caught up in performance methods or rules and structures to dance this style, or any style, fusion and beyond, out to find their passion and how to bring it all together-which allows for the true magical experience of tribal, the synchronistically creation of improvised groups dancing. To feel the connection of each other and the power of the moment with the strong beauty of the dancers moving together. Amen.
Stay tuned for photos and a Talking Tribal Vlog coming soon!
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