Sunday Dance to Word: Joni Mitchell and the muse

Last night I watched a documentary about Joni Mitchell, that most amazing, prolific, songstress with a voice and a style like no other…it was a good documentary, Woman of Heart and Mind, filmed in 2003, by director Susan Lacy.

What did I come away with? That Joni was a woman in touch with the miraculous, that she sets up an extraordinary mood with her songs and her voice, and that she was full of wanderlust. That she trusted herself, even though there were times in her later career with Charlie Mingus, that the audience did not get what she was doing. No matter, it was hers, her art, her creations. She trusted and continued to do her thing.

Early on, Joni dated Graham Nash for quite a while, which I actually did not know, but she had to move on from him, to be her independent woman. He had lovely things to say about her, but what stood out from all he said was he would watch her write, and she was just gone, that nothing else existed when she was in her creative moments (for hours), as if the music and the words were coming through her.

I know those moments. I feel that way when I create, to just let my muse run her course through me, to me, with me, and to be an empty vessel to let the god, the spirit, the intuitive passion work, speak, dance,  and come forth. It is not always an easy place to find or get to or even trust. Sometimes she comes to me in my sleep, sometimes awake… but it is a beautiful, rewarding place to be, usually after the fact. But when I am in it I am on fire, it is exciting, I think/write/dance so fast, to capture the essence of what I am feeling, before it slips away. I lose a lot of it when I am not paying attention. I am learning to give myself the time, now, to pay attention more, to not let myself get distracted by outside influences, like family, computer, chores…

To allow oneself to be there, in that moment, to get there, to trust in oneself, and in the universe…ahhh, that is bliss…when the work I do is bliss…

How about you? Can you write about your muse? How do you create? Can you put it into words?


Thank you….

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