Friday, What I’m Groovin’ on, and thoughts for you…

Happy gorgeous Friday!

What a sublime week it has been, my garden is exploding and I am over the top excited about everything that is growing—roses, clematis, peonies, all my greens, even the beautiful little blue flower weeds that have overtaken parts of my neglected jungle!

I love walking the paths, early morning with coffee and my dogs and camera, late afternoon taking a break from the computer, and noticing the extreme differences everyday, plus the little vingettes and altars of rusty junk, dancing sirens, colorful chickens, and of course, the fairies, whoa…paradise…

What else is rocking my world this week?

Green smoothies

eating outside in that paradise

Music, music, and more music, can’t get enough

Eckhart Tolle’s book, again, A New Earth (acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm)

Enthusiasm! gotta have it…

Dancing, got lots of hot new GC steps coming at you

Bright faith

planning my online series…woo hoo…

Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, they are doing healing right,

lists of great words (try it)

morning journaling (and evening too)

and my new vintage Shasta (1963) cushions for our cowboy music themed trailer, oh we are getting it ready for the road…

is that not the coolest cushion fabric for us guitar playin fools?

Me and the sirens wish you a fantastic weekend, get your groove on!

Many thanks for being here,


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