Sunday Dance To Words

So when I say dance, I truly mean ART, or whatever you passion is: playing music, painting, gardening, whatever speaks to your creative spirit, and to take that passion, that physical activity, and to take time to put the feelings, the thoughts about that passion, and write it down, from stream of consciousness to story-telling, however words flow out of you…allowing yourself the time to put it down in words. I have heard so many great comments about my students’ and friends experiences, and these need to be shared. That is part of our life tales–to share, network, and even just verbalize what has touched our souls, our hearts, our creative spirit. Because to share it strengthens our own experiences, and strengthens others who can be inspired by and get excited by our stories. It also brings our stories that much more alive, helps them make sense, clears the fog, helps us to see what swirls arbrain in our brain…know what I mean?

So dang it, take some precious time for yourself, sit down and jot a few things or a few pages on some paper, or in that beautiful journal.

Take 15 minutes to a half hour to sit and write, and try this…thinking about your art, your dance, your music, your whatever,what would you say excites you to want to create something? What makes you want to continue to create? What get your juices flowing?

If you wish to sharI! I’d love to hear about it….

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