What I Am Loving Today

Still in Milan….

Shooting my DVD #11 today with my beautiful dance sisters, Cinzia and Amanda…

Drinking a lovely Pinot Frizzante (lightly sparkling!)

Amanda’s five month old with baby belly

Rocking out with an old Cult song with morning coffee while putting on stage makeup (she sells sanctuary)

Walking around Milan in tshirt, soaking up the spring sun

Working on my tribal manifesto

Kiko make-up, made in Milan, like MAC, but cheaper!

Reading Danielle LaPorte’s TruthBombs….(daniellelaporte.com)

Dancing with Cinzia, to pass her Collective Soul certification, in Level Five, the first in Italy!

A delicious espresso after lunch, with a wee bit of sugar

Getting readyfor a big weekend of 3 workshops plus a dance performance in an ancient church…

Then packing to head home to my man and my furry kids on Monday….


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