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The 2nd Volume of A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology is here…

A Tribal Dancer's Anthology cover
A Tribal Dancer's Anthology cover

cover art by Tracy Carlton…beautiful!

A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology Volume 2 is here…
Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams
— a PDF download
D-Quad 2009-2010
Volume 2, only $4.00, just in time to be inspired for the New Year!
thoughtful words about dance and life…available as PDF download, easy to purchase and inspiring to read!
You can paypal directly to
with your email address,
and we will send you the PDF format! easy…

And you can still get Volume One, 2008-2009
a beautiful collection of dancer’s words—evocative poems, touching stories, personal thoughts about the dance—available as PDF download, easy to purchase and inspiring to read!
only $6.00…

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! The Anthology is here! Today, Thanksgiving! What a gift…. A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology — $6.00 Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology — a PDF download D-Quad 2008-2009, Volume One 52 pages, 11 x 8.5″ You can click here to purchase! Buy No Over the past year, many… Continue Reading

A Dancer’s and Writer’s Forum!

A Dancer’s and Writer’s Forum!D-Quad,orDelicious Divas Dancing Dreams!Enter your words in the monthly newsletter,In the cyber pages of my monthly e-newsletter, Caravan Trails, I am extending an invitation to you to write about your dance. I’m dreaming about publishing a yearly dancer’s anthology, a tribute to you and our dance, and this is our starting… Continue Reading