Taking Tribal Global – 2014 –What is your Wishlist?

deegfadmay2013In Deirdre’s Dance Den today I wanted to send two thousand and fourteen blessings to everyone for the New Year! It can be a time for reflection, resolutions. Looking forward,  in this guest blog as part of Taking Tribal Global  – bringing you shiny bits from the  Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance (TM) world- I wanted to bring you another way to face the traditional New Year resolution list!

I love coming across people in person, online or reading their books and when they light up ideas in you and motivate you to think or do something different, it sparks an excitement.

Alexandra Franzen is a snappy blogger, writer and inspirer – for her birthday she came up with a Wishlist for her and the world – yes the World! It made me smile and  think what mine would be? They’re for 2014 and they’re personal and resonating; and they’re mine! Here they are:

I wish

1. everyone to find their own thang that gives them the energy, fullness and heartful of love that Tribal Style Bellydance gives me

2. for the dirty fishtank not to be so smelly

3. for you and I to ‘be’ more than ‘do’

4. for us all to feel tolerance for all differences – live and let live!

5. for me to have lots of collaboration with lots of like-minded dancers in this year and beyond

6. for processed foods to be outlawed!

7. for the weather in Scotland to be more conducive to a wider range of vegetable growing

8. for us to say I love you out loud to the right people, more often

9. to accept ourselves, warts and all, no more ‘if onlys…’ unconditionally

10. for you and I to find resolutions to what we are seeking

11. to continue dancing with my little Aimee forever, cheered on by my supportive soulmate

12. to be in the right place (inside or outside)  when the storm comes, and appreciate the force of nature from the right place!

13.  for the storms to be purely from Mother Nature

14. for good health to you and I—both mental and physical

14. to get some comments and feedback from this blog with your ideas and stories!


Check her out for other flashes of insights and tips – and make some of your own!






Here’s to our year ahead, and I look forward to you sharing your wishlist with me, and in the comments below…

Deirdre  – mother, dancer, student, coach, teacher , friend x


Want to know what is coming up in Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) for 2014 – get planning!


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