Taking Tribal Global–Dance and Desire

Taking Tribal Global–Dance and Desire

Welcome to my Monday blog…


I am wanting to write more to you about dance, art, soul, body, desire, live, love, work, oh my…I want to write more, to get into my words, to dig in deeper, to share, to question me, you, to be a creative explorer… so share the journey with me!


Why Dance?


When I move from my heart and soul

there is a freedom

soaring through and out of me.


the sways of the dance, my dance

are beautiful and feminine

strong and in your face

graceful and prayer-felt


the ancient-ness takes me

to a home full of sharers

givers and healers


with the ritual of connection

that thread of understanding

the web of longing

within and without

a remembrance

with a newness

profound truth and trust

revealing the vulnerability

and the power


with the joyful celebration of the moment

fingers wave, shoulders shake

feet root as they glide

circling around one center

and many centers as one

undulating force

of love and communion


why dance?

you ask…


 Collective Soul and more…

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Let me tell you about the Collective Soul experiences from this past September! How thrilled and proud am I of my Master Teachers around the globe–Amanda in Wisconsin, Nina in Australia, Dierdre in Scotland, and Cinzia in Italy– who all ran the Certification intensives both CS Levels One and Two, and so many new certified dancers around the globe… how freakin’ fabulous is that? (Make sure to check out the Collective Soul Directory on our website! http://globalcaravandance.com/collective-soul-directory/ )

I yearn and learn and listen and try to get my thoughts and lessons into words and nuances…

How to pass on this dance, from these bodies, soul and heart felt desires, the lifestyle ideas, the legacy, mine, and yours upcoming,

along with the richness, the connections, the trials and trails of the journey,

the words and methods, the intrinsic yumminess of feeling so good on so many levels, the sweat and glisten…

how do you want to feel?

I have experimented and trained, cried and laughed, cursed and grown impatient, breathed deep and waited, going into myself, asked for guidance, listened some more…

written and sweated my way through the layers of this dance and what is has done for me, and for you. I’ve heard you, watched, taught and changed. And I love this whole thing, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ life and the circles and spirals it has created. Some grow bigger, some smaller, some dissipate and shift, some circle up with huge love, some solo, but always the circle continues. It is in the blood, the muscles, the joints, the sinewy gristle of what it takes to step up, live the life you want, acknowledge the desires, pay it out, travel the journey to make it happen, going after what you want to be and to make you feel good, everyday.

This experience, the Collective Soul celebrations, grow and gather. You know. I love to see my students become women, dancers, teachers, honoring themselves and their future, their now, their business and their play. Giving them the tools, the encouragement, the time, to commit to themselves and go after it with passion and excitement, and then they too get to share and pass it on. There is truth to this dance, reaching into the soul, and into every step that is taken, every hip that is shaken, every smile that is shared, with the glow of personal self-righteousness, pride, and open-hearted giving.

Now, how about you? Are you ready to take the journey?

Read more here…

Get your Tribal groove on!

Mark you calendar for 2015!

March — Collective Soul and Teacher Training in Portland, Oregon–

March 8,9– CS3;  March 12, 13– CS4; March 14, 15 –CS5

plus Teacher Training 2– March 6, 7 & TT3 — March 10, 11

March 19th – 22nd —Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 — Glasgow, Scotland

April 11-12  –Collective Soul level 1, April 18-19 Collective Soul Level 2 — Milan,        Italy

April TBA- Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 — Columbus and Chillicothe, Ohio

April 24th — 27th — Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2  — Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 2rd –6th— Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 — Perth, Australia

September 2nd –6th— Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 — Innisfail, Australia

Fall 2015, TBA – Melbourne, Florida

Teacher Training Level One Online June 2015

email dance@gypsycaravan.us for info and applications now!

Collective Soul certified

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