Taking Tribal Global – In Their Own Words – Walky Ardaat

Taking Tribal Global – In Their Own Words – Walky Ardaat

from Mexico City


My encounter with dance was the light of moons, circles, and bonfires. I connected with the Goddess and natural life cycles. The earthly magic that I recognized as a powerful vehicle of universal light was how I danced. I needed to move my body to the rhythm of this new compass. It was on those nights when the moon started this journey of dance that my inner fire opened my heart and hips.


Years later, I saw the Tribal Dance. I knew I belonged there. It was the beginning of a path of no return. I found women dancing a powerful, beautiful, elegant dance without saying a word. I was connected to an ancient spirit. I felt blessed with a sense of depth that isn’t felt in daily life. I knew I was home again.

 I remember when I finally talked to Kika Villagra of Chaotic Tribal. She got a group of women to dance and connect at a deep level through Tribal.

The dancers seemed remarkably close the day we started our dance. Circles spiralled and initiated a sacred feminine consciousness. I remembered when this dance was underground in Mexico City. We were the “exotic” dancers in bellydance community. Back then a single skirt was one of your most valuable possessions. You would embellish your dance with a smile and love in the circle. Now we have many resources in costume, language, and teachers.

I remember my first contact with Gypsy Caravan. It was the love of the music that I remember. Even today “Algerian Drum Song”


and “Omar” are my favorite pieces to dance to.

10011519_10202322115668974_6436044742903129709_n  Walky in a Nina and Paulette sandwich!

One of my teachers, Terri Walden said,“You must know how much Paulette has influenced my dance and projects.” I constantly read and researched online to find, opinions on dance, passion, and life. Creating a community in the world through dance and music helps women dream and live in joy. This was something I wanted to learn and share. I invited Paulette to Mexico City in 2013 and she accepted with singular joy.


January 2013 is a date that many tribal bellydancers remember with joy because Paulette connected us to another side of Tribal. She connected us with the organic side. It was a relaxed, festive and focused group dance which flowed from the heart. Joy, celebration, wine, good food and lots of meditation helped us find our dance.

We took the Collective Soul Level 1 immersion program in the style of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™. I wanted more. And in April 2014 for the second time I visit joined more seminars in addition to doing Collective Soul Level 1 and Level 2 as well as Teacher Training Level 1.


Paulette is a woman who always encourages questions and breaking boundaries. Her certifications are difficult and you must really study and surrender. It is a personal test in which you live with and believe in your sisters, community, and dance. Plus you need to learn to connect and grow on the path. You must recognize yourself as a seed of a tribal consciousness.

 Today, I can proudly say that I have started a path under the guidance of Paulette and Caravan Gypsy community. I want to continue learning and sharing the dream of life that is the Tribal Bellydance. The Caravan Project Mexico will be starting up, along with future Gypsy Caravan Certification Intensives and much dance!

10256647_10202274507598802_3462772695074591441_oWalky Ardaat, Director Ghytias Tribal Bellydance from Mexico City


Paulette is now a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map… Watch for her workshops–


Dance and Desire, coming at you in 2015!

The 22nd Annual Women’s Weekend

the Tribal Quest Experience  —  Dance and Desire

with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Lynea Gillen,

and special guest instructors TBA

April 24-26, 2015

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

read more and register here



if you are

Interested in that for yourself too? Are you a leader, a guide? You, too, can undertake that part of the journey and become a facilitator too! Click here….


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