Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with Christine Haviland

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We become more alive when the call comes and our mind, body and spirit know its right.  We connect with ourselves, and then, with others. It’s simply awesome!

Today in Deirdre’s Dance Den we travel to Auckland, New Zealand and hear from Christine Haviland, a teacher and student of Gypsy Caravan and member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International. Hear how this dance ignites her Tribal Heart:

Christine with Paulette

“From my humble, naive Belly Dance beginnings I started to delve deeper. I found Tribal Belly Dance and Gypsy Caravan, and suddenly it was so clear, I found the missing piece!

I met Paulette and Jeff on one of their visits to Auckland 2005. I loved the workshops, live music, and learning with guidance. I was hooked! I learned, we danced and I waited  for the ‘right’ time- waited until I felt ready to move on and be open to taking that next step to the Collective Soul  and Teacher Training Journey. Should I do it, could I  do it ?

christine havilandThen I waited some more. Little did I know that getting on the plane to Adelaide that day in 2009 would open up a whole new world for me. A new family, a dance sisterhood, personal growth  and opening up to what I could achieve- truly igniting my Tribal Soul.

1980394_10202414067570166_4149019253752813945_o (2)
Christine,( 3rd left) with some of her tribal dancing hearts!

I was not prepared for how much we would share, learn, grow and so much more. It was so enriching! Filled with laughter, tears, hard work and so many rewards. Meeting so many amazing like minded women, connecting, watching each other grow, becoming a part of each other’s journeys. At the helm threading us together was Paulette our Tribal mama!

Taking it all back home to NZ with me to share and recreate, I feel that same excitement every time and I love being able to share our dance connection and recreate it every week when we dance together.

Be still my Tribal Heart”

I followed up and asked Christine what special ingredients of tribal hooked her. Her wonderful reply was:

“the beautifully adorned, decorated bodies, the costuming and layers of texture that take the eye on a journey from top to toe.  The earthy, fluid, body friendly movements, and the togetherness and mass motion of synchronicity”

She also makes some gorgeous unique hair pieces. The pieces are all repurposed materials which make them even more attractive, I loved what she told me about creating her pieces:

“when people give me items like a bag or skirt I see 3 headbands and 6 flowers”

Love it!

Thanks for being here…until next time!


Don’t you just love meeting kindred spirits? I know you must have a similar story, so share it with me!

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