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Hello lovely tribal folks from Deirdre’s Dance Den, a special place to bring alive stories from dancers, students and teachers of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM). I’m thrilled to hear the great stories about how this wonderful dance features not only individual lives but communities too. Amy Tucker, who lives in Alaska, USA, is a Gypsy Caravan Teacher and Collective Soul student. Here she writes about her journey and the great people and places she has introduced to Tribal Bellydance. Its inspiring!

Amy Tucker

A Special Place in my Heart: “I am and have been a Tribal Belly Dancer for twelve years. While I have made it a point to experience and learn about as many forms of belly dance as possible, Tribal has been my passion since the start. Tribal Belly Dance has given me so much. It has allowed me to build a community, be creative, and share a passion. But one of the most profound things that this dance form has given me is the ability to share it with children.

Being a belly dancer in Alaska is not without it’s challenges. Committed students are rare, venues limited and perceptions often inaccurate. Even though I am lucky to direct a fabulous and busy tribal dance troupe called Gaia Tribal Belly Dance it was not until I was asked to start a Middle School Dance Program in the school where I was teaching that I truly found a a deeper meaning to what we do in Tribal Belly Dance.

I was finally able work with young ladies and a few young men at a time where self esteem is just developing and body image is fragile. The Palmer Indigo Dance Troupe is a Gypsy Caravan inspired troupe of middle schoolers and high schoolers that have studied multicultural dance with me for the past three years. Building a program for youth has allowed me to make strides toward my top three dance goals. My goals have always included empowering women, elevating the dance form and educating the community.

Some of Amy’s Students

Teaching these young people keeps me young and immersed in my art. It allows me to bring the affirming and inclusive philosophy of Tribal Dance to my students who are desperate at this age to find an identity. This is a dance form they can do for a life time and I am honored to share it with them.

Ironically, creating this program went a long way towards eliminating the previously mentioned challenges to being a belly dancer in Alaska. Gaia Tribal Belly Dance now has a pool of committed students, new venues to explore and the community loves to see the kids out dancing. What does the future hold for The Palmer Indigo? We have been asked to create a high school program. We have started a summer troupe and several have hopes of achieving a spot in the adult troupe.”

                                                                                                                            Amy Tucker – Director Gaia Tribal Belly Dance

Wow! Thanks Amy, a powerful story of determination and connecting dance across age groups and communities.

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