Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with guest, Peggy Hewitt

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Howdy here from Scotland! It’s getting to the time of year here when some hard work in the garden is showing some reward, spring is deciding whether to transition into summer, when will it? Who knows! In the UK, it’s anyone’s guess what the weather will bring. The unpredictability of it keeps us on our toes, like improv in dancing, translated into everyday life! You have to go with the flow, take the lead from your surroundings, and make the best you can of it. Lessons from Tribal Style Bellydance can be applied to a lot of life’s activities!

In Their Own Words- with guest, Peggy Hewitt

I wanted to share with you today a story from a wonderful dance friend with whom I met when I lived in Portland, Oregon (and whom I hope to meet with again when in Portland this summer!), Peggy Hewitt. She is a member of Gypsy Heart, a troupe with a deep connection to Gypsy Caravan and Paulette Rees-Denis, our Tribal mamma! So check her out, I love this lady, she does sidewalk dancing tutorials too!

“My journey in tribal belly dance started 12 years ago, thanks to Paulette Rees-Denis who encouraged me to take a class.  Little did I know then how much this dance would change my life!  Before I started dancing, I was very shy and easily embarrassed.  I had low self-esteem and I was very uncomfortable in my own skin.  There was no going back to the old me after I started dancing.  After about six months of classes, I shed the body suit!  Much to my amazement, the girls in class adored me and my belly!

IMG_2266-001 (1)

I know how lucky I am to live in Paulette’s home town.  Women from all over the world come to Portland to take classes.  No matter what shape, age, size, ethnicity or language, we are like one family who shares the same passion and joy through tribal belly dance.

It’s hard to grasp the global impact this dance can have on other women.  I remember one time when Deirdre (from Scotland) and Dee (from Australia) were here for Paulette’s classes.  We had just finished dance class and were having a conversation about how they liked our Tribal Fest performance on YouTube.  They asked me about one of the moves I did in the video (the Hottie-Drop, which I happily taught them on the sidewalk in front of the studio).  Dee, from Australia, told me the girls in Australia love me, and that I have a whole fan club there!  I was blown away by this comment!

Last year, I took Collective Soul Level 1 and Teacher Training Level 1 (Paulette’s Tribal Bellydance Certification courses), and today I am thrilled to be teaching a Beginning II class.  I love teaching!  I hope that I inspire my students as much as they inspire me.  Witnessing their enthusiasm and emotions, beauty and growth—makes my heart overflow with love.Troupe Photo

Gypsy Heart at the Rose Festival, Portland

My dance and soul journey has been amazing and full of changes, but one thing remains the same:  my desire to inspire and encourage women to discover their own strength and beauty through tribal belly dance.”

Peggy Hewitt
GypsyHeart Tribal, Portland, Oregon

Peggy will also be starting Collective Soul Level Two and Teacher Training Level Two with Paulette this week! Right on Peggs! AND she was also interviewed for Paulette’s book, Tribal Vision!

Here are some fun pics from the past!

peggy5-DSC00028 peggy_cropped-1 Peggy-RUBY4-150x150

Check out these fabulous dancers in action:  www.gypsyhearttribal.com Youtube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/GypsyHeartTrib

Whats’s your story? Stories are one of the most powerful ways of spreading knowledge, joy, and tribal love!. Tell me yours and share it!

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Yours in shimmies and improvising to life’s rollercoaster,

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