Taking Tribal Global- In Their Own Words- with Jamie Rose Lyle


Dancing can be so affirmative to mind, body and soul. Dancing can bring unexpected, welcome revelations, and good surprises! From the warmth of my Dance Den I love to read these heart-warming stories about how this dance in particular can change your self perspective through Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM)!

Jamie from Portland, Oregon, shares her story :


“I have been blessed to have had dance be a focus of my life in some form or another since I was very young. Having taken belly dance in college years ago, I took my first Tribal class from Gypsy Heart in Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2013. This art form helped me get back in touch with my postpartum, breastfeeding body. It did not take long, however, for the benefits of practicing this dance to move beyond just the physical.

When I dance this amazing dance, it is a practice of self-love. Each time I choose an outfit, arrange my day (and am oh-so-thankful to those that watch my son) so that I can come to class, and step into the sacred circle of dance, it is done out of love and respect for myself. My body needs to dance, to feel the rhythm from my arms, to my shoulders, to my ribs, to my hips. My mind needs to be challenged with new moves, formations, by leading and following. My spirit needs to connect with others, dancing in time, communicating with our bodies and eyes.

Jamie and Babe
Jamie and Babe
Jamie and Peggy at Winter Solstice

Making a commitment to myself by practicing this dance has pushed me to focus on self-love—something that is way to easy to fall away from. In a society so focused on achievement and results, bringing myself back to my center has been the only way for me to improve my art form. Yes, drilling and practicing are essential—yet when I have approached learning this dance from an achievement and perfectionist attitude, I have always been disappointed. When I approach this dance trusting my body, trusting my ever expanding knowledge, trusting my fellow dancers, and trusting that I have room to grow, I am able to move into a space that fills my spirit. That is the beauty of this dance – by connecting with the music, ourselves and each other, we can experience our perfection, and bear witness to the perfection of others, within the present moment.

As the most recent member of the Gypsy Heart Tribal Troupe I am excited and honored to continue my journey as a dancer with such an amazing circle of women.”

Chelsea and Jamie representing GypsyHeart and the Portland Bellydance Guild this July!

Jamie was looking forward to her first performance as part of Gypsy Heart Tribal, these ladies are awesome – check them out here and look out for future performances featuring Jamie! http://www.gypsyhearttribal.com/

Share your views with me, in the comments below… – they’re great, everyone has one!

Best wishes, Deirdre


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