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Hello! A warm welcome from Deirdre’s Dance Den in winter-time Scotland with the weather cool and the leaves fallen. Any seasonal change can provoke thoughts and reflection. I enjoy these moments to take stock. I recently taught my first Collective Soul Certifications here in Glasgow, Scotland in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® format. This was my first set of programs as Master Teacher. I felt well-prepared and proud with a sense of responsibility.

However I didn’t feel alone, it was great that along with my sister Master Teachers in Australia, USA and Italy, September saw us all gearing up to teach Collective Soul certifications. We have been trained and coached by Paulette to work with students to be the best Tribal dancers they can be. Technology is also great as I really felt my fellow Master Teachers and Paulette were encouraging and supportive. Just as I was with my students in Glasgow,  my sister teachers were with their students across the globe (how cool is that?!)

I am a coach by nature and trade, so this was my zone.

Collective Soul One in Glasgow ready for a well-deserved dinner!
Glasgow Collective Soul Two Graduates – Julie Keast, Kay Isaac and Cayte Lawton (refresher)

Our students come with open hearts and a great willingness to learn more. They’ve already done so much just to get to the intensive in terms of dance prep, zilling, drilling, never mind the domestic arrangements!

Glasgow Collective Soul One students
Zillin’ and drillin’!








Processing the learning from these intensives takes time – yes? Not everything can be instant. Deeper learning can take more time to absorb, accept, and figure out where you’re going! I felt honored that these ladies worked hard, opened up, ‘got’ the leap from one level to another, dug deep, physically and mentally and bonded, discussed, laughed, journaled, reflected, had fun, and challenged themselves.

This opens up a whole new journey for dancers, as well as us instructors. they are also learning if they want to dance, teach, or do both? This kind of intensive course, with meditations, journaling, discussions, reading, as well as all the good tribal bellydance history, ethics, and heart and soul connections, plus the physical workout, it all stimulates the mind AND body, which is the whole point of living and dancing …isn’t it?

Do join us this next year, there are so many good events our whole Team Gypsy has got in store for you, make sure to check out the updates on our website….and let me hear your tales from the Gypsy Caravan trail…

the best to you in the New Year, and I am so glad you are here with us!

Yours in dance,

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The Desire Map Workshop
with Paulette Rees-Denis



Are you feeling that you are moving slowly through your days and need a boost?

Are your dreams not happening the way you thought you wanted them to unfold?

Ready for some soul searching clarity?

Do you want a weekend of gal time, for you and your desires?

And a little booty shakin’ too?

Join us for a wildhearted, soulful weekend, full of Dance And Desire!

Let’s set some delicious IDEAS brimming over for 2015…


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