What it means

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What it means

to me, this time of year…

it is the gathering

of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to come

it is the collecting

of the finished or started or continuation of all that I do


the love, the self-love, the bad-assery, the cozying down, and the stirring it up

the quiet and the wild

the black and blonde

the instigation and the revelations,

with the revolutions and the evolutions

identifying the legacy, naming naming naming

what I want, need



to be, to do, and how to live

to the breaking open and the illuminating

to the moving forward with grace,

from the heart, really from the heart

to say no, not any more

and to say YES, bring it on…step it up…




the songs can stop

but come again

the words flow with trepidation, no more…


it is the sway and the sashay

the beauty in your eye

the new way you walk and lead

and say yes, or, no

it is the jingle of the shimmy and your openness

your devotion to yourself, the dance, and me


I see only your potential

your glow, your sparkle

and your desire

and your sublime intent

of your own tribe

growing from the core

I thank you

for allowing

I thank me for asking


tearing apart


for beauty and soul

and the healing touch

the glance inside and out

with the rise of the chest

the breath

the nuance of change to come

the passion as it streams out

forever grateful…


wishing you all an amazing 2015, make it yours and make it shine on, spread the love


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