Taking Tribal Global- Viva Italia! And get back to your roots!

Tribal conference
Tribal conference

deeItalyWow! What an amazing feeling of warmth and energy that this wonderful Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ gives me! I’m back in my Dance Den again and not long back from a hot Italy where I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with and  learning from (still/always!) Paulette, and co-assisting Cinzia Di Cioccio from Milan for the first Tribal Soul Quest Festival in Ferrara.

Great teaching, learning and connection during the whole festival. The hospitality shown was touching, enthusiasm abounds for this fabulous dance. The seeds are blossoming! Elena Mellai was a wonderful hostess, and along with Cinzia did a great job translating for Paulette and I.

milan workshop
Milan Workshop
Teaching Trio – Paulette with Cinzia and I
Ferrara goddesses!





Not only did we do a lot of dancing but we also had a fantastic discussion on Tribal Roots and the Tribal lifestyle — in other words, what this dance is all about beyond the physical dance movements.

There are so many dancers starting out that are not aware of the rich roots and history of the shapers of Tribal Bellydance, as Paulette originally called it. This can enrich their dance and realise the great intentions behind it. It was so good to discuss the evolution and revolution within the dance broadly.

This brought even more positive energy into the room and to the women (AND men) who were there, and the supportive comments from family and partners were affirming and enlightening. Acknowledging intention, tradition, legacy and work put into creating this phenomenon that is now called Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) is important, everyone benefits from knowing the landscape from which we dance. We dance from a sisterhood with a rich history and that enhances the spirit of our dance. That’s one of the main reasons it is AWESOME!

I love hearing your stories. Contact me to share yours, and spread the knowledge and the tribal love.  Get in touch… please!


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