Friday, What is Bliss?

It’s my birthday and I am having a great day!

Happiness is my true nature…   (Deepak chopra)

What is Bliss?


Happiness is the essence of bliss.I continue on my daily meditation journey. Don’t I love the inner feeling of happiness. Joy. Peace. Laughter. Contentment. Within.

I realized many moons ago that when I dance, I feel that inner happiness. Dancing, in all different ways of movement, makes my body feel good; it allows me to free my mind to be in that moment, and lets my spirit soar. And with certain repetitive movements, it became more of a trance dance. This trancey movement takes me into a state of bliss, of pleasurable moments, of healing and release.

And in the past as I danced with others, I noticed how necessary and really vital this feeling is, and not just within me. I noticed in my dance classes, when I led others to this place, this inner state of bliss, that it was wanted and needed. It became an emotional release, a healing place, an ecstatic moment, a celebration of self.


That we all need to feel this place of happiness within, in the core of our being. So I went for it, with myself, and with my students! Dancing and trancing, experimenting, adding different elements to the dance experience, like journaling, sitting meditations, guided visualizations, soothing and self-loving ideas, combining both a wild heart and a quietness. Joyful movement with sharing and dreaming! This became a practice and a journey, developing over the years.

And then I combined forces with my wise friend Lynea, and we co-taught these classes, infusing her expertise in yoga and african dance with my bellydance and magic  and all the different stylings and methods. All for this purpose. Bliss!

Deepak Chopra taught me…Ananda Hum. I am bliss. The flow of bliss is the purpose of life.

We don’t need to limit bliss, if we can contact the happiness deep within, we can infuse our life with bliss.

So now you can  join Lynea and myself on our four week journey, Tribal Bliss.

This is an online class that we offer, starting Sunday, September 7. You receive weekly emails, full of dance, music, writing prompts and questions, trance dance exercises, meditations, and more, to journey on your own at home, and gather in a private online group with others to share your words and experiences!

What others have said about this course:

Paulette & Lynea, I want to thank you for such a beautiful program you’ve put together. It’s easy to find books, programs, etc. that encourage you to get things done, go after your big dream, but I love that this course prepares one to create the space to even begin to receive all the good things we want from life. GS

Loving the journal. Loved the additional questions in the middle of the week. Really got me thinking! Everything you have sent out has been a great resource to help get centered and focused. It has been so much fun playing the music and letting loose and kicking off my day with the meditation!  CTM

I have got into the groove now and have just thoroughly enjoyed just concentrating on me and what I need to do for my self. I feel empowered. WH


I think you

are fabulous for being here…

are inspired and inspiring for making it happen for yourself

are sacred and beautiful

and you can make s..t happen!

have a great weekend…

…in gratitude…


Tribal Bliss — Volume 1 – Dance and Vision Online Course-

next session September 7th!

… an online movement journey with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

Bring on your dance with bliss and fun, internal questing and external dance juiciness!…welcome to our four week e-course!

New session starts: Sunday September 7th, 2014!

This is a course for you if you want to dance, move your body with freedom, write, sparkle, stretch, shake it out, dig in, breathe, and find your bliss…We want you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!

By combining our backgrounds of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM), African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation, we bring you this course to play with and enjoy over the next four weeks, and to continue on your journey, wherever that leads you.

To read more go here.

Session starts September 7th through September 28th!

Register now, right here!



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