Taking Tribal Global-finding the love and inspiration with Misha

Taking Tribal Global-finding the love and inspiration

with Deirdre Macdonald!

391A5882-deIt can be great to look at what we’ve achieved and found out about ourselves and our lives, whether its friends, hobbies, time for ourselves, connections- and realize all of the important things, the pieces of our lives that mean so much to us. I hope you can slow down and take some time to acknowledge a few of your pieces that make you your fabulous self!  The stories I hear from dancers in our GCTB® world helps me to be grateful.

It feels so good to hear about your real journeys and awakenings! Keep them coming!

Today we hear from Misha in Florida. Here’s a great story to inspire and energize you.


For most of my bellydance life, I’ve been an Oriental style performer and instructor. There’s very little about bellydance that I don’t adore. I love studying in workshops, researching the history, diving into the nuances of different styles, and the beauty of the rich costumes and jewelry. After dancing for over 10 years, though, I felt there was something still missing. While I loved dancing solo and choreographing for my troupe, I felt I was a puzzle that was missing a piece.

Misha’s very first class of GC Level 1 in June 2015
Proud GC Teacher Training Level Two!

In November 2014, I discovered Paulette’s online Collective Soul training. In a flash of memory, I recalled a workshop I took with her in Orlando, FL in the early 2000’s. Her warm and inviting smile and insistence that everyone be included, regardless of their ability or experience, stuck out in my mind. I’ve studied with a lot of instructors all over the world, but THAT moment and feeling of belonging was something I could never forget. Inspired, I decided I’d give the online classes a try. Little did I know that it would quickly become my passion, my heart, my joy!

Misha with Paulette in Florida

With the very first steps I felt like my heart cracked open and in rushed this Love. I’d discovered this soul-filling delicious way of moving my body, something that I’ve been seeking since I first started my bellydance journey so long ago. The movements felt natural, the connection to the music divine. My outlook on dance as a whole shifted, and as I opened myself to the Tribal Lifestyle I found magic spilling back into all facets of my life.

Paulette’s energy is infectious and transmits even over electronic media; her support for us in class was impressive and truly the hallmark of a Master. I found myself hungry to know more, to immerse myself in this style, and I eagerly applied myself to complete CS 1 and 2 as well as TT 1 and 2. These days I am extremely blessed to have the honor of sharing Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® with a growing group of enthusiastic dancers in Sarasota Florida. Teaching is a true passion of mine, and it is thrilling to watch others gain the confidence, grace, and strength that I know every woman can attain through this amazing dance.


And Misha will soon be joining Paulette in Portland for more advanced Collective Soul and Teacher Training as well as becoming one of the first to be a certified Tribal Grooves instructor, Paulette’s exciting new dance journey!

Come join  the global dancing caravan! I look forward to hearing from you and dancing with you…

Yours in dance and shimmies,


Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, writer, coach, and GCTB Certified Master Teacher!

Contact me here: deirdre@gypsycaravan.us

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Tribal Grooves™

From Paulette Rees-Denis

And Gypsy Caravan Dance Company

Certification Course to become a Tribal Grooves Instructor

I am excited to share with you the FIRST Certification course for YOU!

April 21st, 2016 in Portland, Oregon!

Tribal Grooves ™ is an exciting new dance form of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® to activate your body, mind, and spirit! We move with non-stop high-powered blood pumping moves combined with sweetly sensual and slow circular, feminine patterns using body isolations with some improvisation, lead and follow, and choreographed dances. Dancing with worldly exotic, stimulating music (mostly our own), and contemporary tunes will raise the energy and momentum and get your groove on!

Read more here

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