the beginning of your Manifesto!

Originally I wrote this as a three part article for Zaghareet Magazine, and all three have been published there…so, if you haven’t yet subscribed to that mag, I’ve been a long time fan and a once-in-awhile contributor! Now you can get your Manifesto on, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with…

 Part One –the Beginning of your Manifesto…

To be a champion of your own authenticity!

People always ask me what inspires me and how I get so much done. I admit I can be a bit overzealous at times, sometimes a workaholic, (learning how to hang out better is on my to-do list!) and that is how I’ve always been. Important–I love my work. I love life, I love dancing and teaching and creating and exploring and connecting with remarkable folks. One thing that truly keeps me present and able to do all I do is the fact that I haven’t had television for over seven years!  That keeps my mind free and clear. But I do love a good movie for sure.

I am constantly working out, dreaming, making, traveling. I do the things that stay true to myself and what feels right in my soul, and my gut—that would be called intuition.

A coaching client once said to me that she was trying to figure out what to do next with her life, as in trying to figure out what to do for a different job. She wanted to find a niche and fill it, thinking that would be a great way to make some bucks. That might work for some people, but really, I’ve seen that fail more often than not. I think it should be the reverse.

I believe if you want to live an artful, sustainable, remarkably happy lifestyle, which helps not only to feed you, but everything and everyone you touch, you must follow your life’s path. Find your passion, follow your heart, become an expert at what you love. To follow what your heart says when you are really trying to pursue something, whether it be for money, love, art, whatever, it must be heartfelt and true for you. To be successful. And to be fun. Then you find your own niche. Know what I mean?

How can you squeeze yourself into a mold if it does not fit? Do you really want to go to a job everyday if you don’t have a passion for it, if you can’t be proud of what you do? Do you want to do a dance that doesn’t truly move you?

When I said that to my client, it was as if the whole world shifted, I could feel her eyes squinting small for a minute while she pondered what I said, and then a light went on for her. The wheels started turning as we brainstormed some of her ideas and passions. With a couple of different questioning and writing exercises, it didn’t take her long to pull up her real dreams, things that had been buried, and visions of ideas that she didn’t think were worthy. But they are always worthy because they are hers—her pictures of what she loves to do, to make, to spend time with. She will take more time with those ideas and see how they unfold for her, all being a fun process, but it can also be difficult.

Why difficult? To reach down inside oneself, to truly see oneself, can be hard, painful. I know many folks who won’t take the time to listen to themselves, who are afraid to meditate, or write, or even just be still for a short time, because they don’t want to feel certain emotions, or bring up memories that they have tucked far away inside. Don’t you think that if you can bring all that up to you front and center, you can then act on them, release them, or acknowledge those desires, and then just imagine all the goodness and creativity that you can fill yourself up with? And make your life work better for you. Woo hoo… now we are talking!

As a Dance Coach, this is what I love to do with my clients to help them find their dreams and the truths. There are several ways and methods to get down into your soul, and this is my life work—just one way is using my incredible style of dance-Tribal Bellydance- as a catalyst because I am a dancer, and work predominantly with dancers. You know how good you feel after a dance class, or a workout, or a full out night of dancing at a club. Or when you see a great dance performance, or when you give a good performance. Our dance has become so many things. For me, as an entrepreneur the dance, and all the facets I have developed using the dance, has become my job, if you can call it a job! And my job is to guide you to be the best dancer and person you can be, on our tribal life’s journey. Because I believe all the concepts in Tribal Bellydance are parallel in everyday life, so it becomes a lifestyle, not just a dance. Being a dancer and all that Tribal brings to my way of life, awhile back  I wrote my first life’s Tribal Manifesto (click there to download!)

Screenshot 2014-02-19 05.40.39

along with my Tribal Revelations article, and that was liberating and so much fun! Of course, it is constantly evolving, as the dance does, because it is a living breathing artform, not a static mode of movement. The dance is my moving meditation; it is my tool for health and well-being. It is my tension release method. My inspiration. And that makes you my inspiration. I could say, you all totally blow me away when I see how this dance as grown on you, changed you, made you the dancer that you are today. And so much more.

I have been doing this dance for almost twenty-five years, and over the past fifteen plus years I have developed my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) Collective Soul Certification program to help guide you to find your true path, your authentic self, using the dance on many levels. It has been a great, and successful method, in teaching the dance in an intensive mode. We learn the history and the techniques of my Tribal Style, which has spread around the globe-Taking Tribal Global is what I call that! We develop not only dance skills but life-skills too, and we dig in deep- spiritually, emotionally, physically- we use writing, meditation, and movement, and discussion. We form bonds with others, because there is nothing like having a support system, an accountability group!

Coaching and passing on the dance, training others who have that desire and passion is my life. I have been able to call on my dreams and make them reality, through and with the dance, to meet amazing artists, and live my authentic self. It is great work and it continuously inspires me, and feeds my soul, because that is my life’s passion. Fulfillment on the most beautiful level.

And what are your desires? How do you get to that point, in your dance, your job, your life?

I want to inspire you to write your manifesto.

How about we try this together? In the next few iweeks, I’ll ask you some questions and show you some samples of other’s varied manifestos.  Because I love to write, and I think if you can take some time to write a few times a week, it will help you pull some of those ideas and dreams out of your heart-beliefs, prayers, quotes, ideas. Putting them on paper helps you to see clearly, define ideas, and also makes those ideas more concrete in your everyday life.

Soooo, grab a journal or a notebook, something that you can hang onto and not lose! Pens, crayons, markers, pencils, whatever you enjoy writing with. Now sit down, preferably first thing in the morning (yea get up a few minutes earlier!), before checking email and Facebook, and see if you can write in a stream of consciousness style, meaning just write whatever comes to your mid. This can be run on sentences, lists, dreams, ideas, bitching, whatever, just write for 10 minutes and get your mind clear and your eyes open…Try to do this a few times a week, if you get inspired, keep writing, if you can’t do it in the morning, do it at night. Go to your local café, grab a cuppa, and write. Or when you have 10 minutes to spend quietly with yourself, sit down and go for it! Trust me, you will feel great just doing this simple first step. I highly recommend reading and working with the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, to really get your writing groove on, really!

And while you are at it, how about that support group? Do you have one? You might think of starting a circle of friends who want to be positive forces in your world! Accountability partners or circles are a great way to get you going on your path, and they won’t let you stop. Not a bitching group, but group full of love and giggles. Like your dance circle, supportive, encouraging, and smart! Make a pact to say what you want to accomplish for the week or month, and the steps to do it, tell each other, and then offer advice and encouragement to support each other in following their ideas and dreams. And do it…

So here are two ideas–journaling and an accountability partner– to get you started— to enjoy who you are, be authentic, to stand up and take up space, and start, or continue, to live your passion, to be remarkable. Let’s share the love. Tribal rocks!

Thank you all for being part of this delicious journey…let me know in the comments below how this works for you and what you have started!


Part 2 coming next week!


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