Taking Tribal Global – Rochester NY and Collective Dance love

deegfadmay2013Greetings from Scotland! Deirdre here, and from the cozy cubbyhole of the Dance Den, I can feel the connection and the passion this great dance can provide. Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) is a global movement and it becomes a lifestyle for so many of us, helping us to move positively through the complexities of life with an affirming frame of reference that can be so beneficial. Powerful stuff!
Dancers from The Tribal Goddess Collective in Rochester, upstate New York can attest to this and put it in their own words:
How has Tribal belly dance changed our lives? How is it 3 very different women bonded in a tribal class many years ago? We choose to continue to learn and enjoy this amazing gift of dance. We laugh, sweat and share at each practice each performance. One of the things we most like about dancing is that it can be practiced almost anywhere whenever the mood strikes. We have broken in to dance moves everywhere from a renaissance festival to a haunted house.
In this day and time when our brains are so busy with media and the six other things that we have to do later that day, dancing with the troupe is a small slice of time that requires the here and now without the outside distractions. To realize in the moment of movement you share something that women all over the globe also love is a meaningful part of our lives.
Simple joy is why we love this dance and its teachers. We have made so many friends in this tribal journey and are thankful for every opportunity it brings into our lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mandy Doster (middle) and Erica Oette (right). (with Leah Camilleri in the photo too)
                                                  The Tribal Goddess Collective–Rochester, NY, USA
I hope this brings a smile to your gorgeous face and a nod of the head, and you feel this tie to our wonderful dance and community. Spread that Tribal love and please send me your stories and comment below – don’t keep the love hidden, its so good to get and share good news, some days there is not enough of it.
Thanks for being here,
Guest Editor, and now member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company–woohoo!

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