Dance and Desire—Round Up Part 2—The Caravan Project—another Global Union

Dance and Desire — Round Up Part 2 — The Caravan Project—dancers and musicians—another Global Union


This project — both dancers and band — has been about a year in the making, full of experimentation and trials, and how-to’s and guesses. For the dancing segment, the main objective was to bring dancers together from around the globe, who had a love and desire to dance together, dancing only the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® format. It makes no matter to me what other styles they dance besides GCDC (gotta love it all!), this grouping was to use only this style, to know and understand the dance language and enjoy dancing with each other. Often times it has the opportunity to be put on stage, but the overall component was to gather from across the miles to dance together, learn, share, and enjoy.

How to do this globally, with consistency and passion, with support and encouragement, with patience and commitment? Lots to consider, especially within every dancer’s full lives and the distance between! A slow, and experimental process, for sure.

How over the moon delighted I am to see it working and to see dancers from around the world coming together, with head directors/certified teachers in each country and area, to work within everyone’s personal constraints, yet to bring enthusiasm and again, the pure joy of dancing together and the love of Gypsy Caravan Tribal.


Nina and  TCP Australia in a recent performance!

The main and first directors, Cinzia in Italy, Deirdre in Scotland, Nina in Australia, Christine in New Zealand, Sherry in Florida, Walky in Mexico, and for a short time Renee and I had a tribe in the Pacific Northwest. These women have trusted me and poured their hearts and time into growing this vision. These leaders have pulled dancers together, planned projects and workshops, experimented with ideas, rehearsals (sometimes via video), music and costumes. Let me just say, this is all a labor of love! And it is still getting started.


Cinzia and TCP Italy

TCP UK 2014

Deirdre and TCP UK

The Project is growing and expanding as we continue to find methods to gather and communicate. More dancers are joining us around the globe and that is so exciting as we figure out how to grow and develop and remain true and consistent.  More certified teachers are wanting to start their own Caravan Project in their areas! Woo hooo…. Bring it on dancers!

I am honored and thrilled! With more teachers interested in starting their own Caravan Project–that is what I want! Imagine global entities of tribes who can all dance together, raise that beautiful energy, and make the world a richer and more loving place to be. As we all follow our dreams!

so much love here for you….


The new CD—The Caravan Project—The Walk To Nowhere

W139 PSD

And of course, the band, The Caravan Project…making music for the dancers and growing tribes. This CD, The Walk to Nowhere, has taken only a bit over a year to create, with these passionate musicians, coming together weekly, writing and playing their soul-felt music. Most weeks they go down into the basement to rehearse, and throughout the year, there were several opportunities to play live for my troupe, a few times even the global dancers when they were in town studying with me, and other dancers around town.

gcdc at velo cult, august 2014

gypsy c, gypsy heart, soul collective:velo cult 6:2-14

gcdc and friends Edgefield 2014



There is nothing like dancing to live music! Especially a band that will work improvisationally with me, as that is how the dance develops. To not only have that heart connection with the dancers, but to turn and feel the connection with the band too, whoa….

And to put the icing on the cake, having the band create the title song for me, The Walk to Nowhere, which I’ve longed for and heard in my soul for years. They did it!

Originally a moving meditation walk I have taught in my Tribal Trance and Bliss classes, and now the Dance and Desire series, I wanted this slowly grooving piece to be repetitive for meditation and to flow with grace and beauty. Ahhh, my heart sings….have you heard it?

W139 PSD

And to listen to the entire CD is just so mood alteringly gorgeous, between energetic to mesmerizing, kick it up or slow it down, tribal and trancey, and so very danceable!

So pleased and honored to have been a producer and a player in the making of this CD…

check it out here…you can still get the physical copy of it, we did not press very many, and of course you can get it for digital download…

What’s up next for the dancers and musicians? Time and patience, with support and love… oh yes…

caravan project logo take 2--Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.13.31 PM


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