The dancer’s journey…

So you want to dance? Get up and do it. What are you waiting for?

So many of my students have said that as a little girl they always wanted to bellydance. What happened between then and now is not important. Now is important. Now you can bellydance! And do it with intention. Get to that dance class now, while you can. Go after that little girl dream, or that adult girl dream! What a lovely gift to give yourself.

A favorite blogger is Cathy Stucker who helps bloggers network ( Last week she posted some of her favorite quotes. I love to take good quotes and change them to relate to my worlds of dance or writing (or whatever is relevant for me at that time.)

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” Margaret Atwood

Do you ever feel that way when you dance? You are trying to learn something new, or master a move, and you stop yourself because of fear or frustration. I see it often with new dancers. As much as I feel it is important to be able to laugh at yourself when you mess up, because you really do need to keep that sense of humor about what you are doing/learning/striving for. But I see dancers really poke fun at themselves in a way that makes me sad, as if they always put themselves down so as never to achieve anything. There is a distinct line between joking and tearing oneself apart. What has our society taught us? I am constantly confounded at what some women put themselves through and how they view themselves.

My goal is to help empower you through our dance, to help you move forward with intention, to assist you in accomplishing bits and pieces of the dance, which in turn helps you blossom into your own beauty, strength, and self-expression, both in dance and in the outside world. It does take practice, patience, and perseverance, and can be loads of fun to undertake that journey. And to remember it is about the journey. The end product, if there is one, will come in its own time. What have you learned during that journey? Sometimes it might feel like you are jumping off a cliff to get started, but go ahead, take the risk. What can it hurt? What it can achieve is so much greater than if you hold yourself back.

If any of you read the tarot cards, my soul card is the number nine, the Hermit. The Hermit is a teacher, and she holds a lantern to shine the light on the path in front of her, into the darkness. But it only illuminates a short distance, so she makes her way a little at a time, and trusts in her intuition to move forward with patience and wisdom. That works well for me, and I keep that image with me, because I can be too goal driven. But really, so much of my dance world has unfolded for me a little at a time. I never expected to be traveling the world teaching women to dance. It just became clear to me that that was my path after I had learned and created my dance. All I wanted to do was dance. So I did. And I do.

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