Tribal Travels in England, and Collective Soul Level One

Friday, a day to rest, a day to reflect, and basically, a day off! We finished up Collective Soul Level Two Certification yesterday with five tired but elated dancers in Lewes, England, near the southern sea shore. What a fantastic journey it was for all of us.

But let me go back to last week, first arriving in England and being swept away to the sweet little town of Aylesbury, about an hour north of London, where I have taught on several occasions over the past nine years.  Starting with a long walk on a gorgeous hilltop, Steffi showed me the view, we took her dog and daughter so I could get some air after the long plane ride, and I really wanted to get my time zones switched, otherwise I would have fallen dead asleep and it was the middle of the afternoon!


Starting right in the next day with Collective Soul Level One, I had 3 five-hour, full on dance days with six delightful women from all over England and Scotland. Undertaking this tribal journey is different for every woman, but we come together for gathering and collecting tools and knowledge toward achieving a more thorough personal knowledge of technique, history, ethics, artistry, sisterhood, and more—each person so unique in what they desire, but yet collectively coming together to understand the mechanics of Tribal Bellydance, the basics, the roots. A great start to learning how to really be an artist, a dancer in your own body, mind, and soul.

We had good, sweaty, body-driving days, many many laughs, and some great coffees, food, and wine after hard days! And all six dancers received their certification straight on after the anxiety of testing (I’m not too much of a task master!) I am so proud, and to see the Collective Soul experience be so positive and rewarding for all of us, as the dancers gained new insights as well as joined hands to strengthen their dancing sisterhood bonds, knowing they have more friends around the world to meet and dance with. How cool!

Moving right on with only two hours to spare, I only changed locations to teach at Steffi’s Tribe Vibe festival, teaching Tribal Trance, a nice way to start off the festival. Her third festival, my second time to teach at it, I met up with the familiar faces of her troupe, Barefoot Bellydance, along with many others I have danced with before, as well as many new tribal influenced dancers.

Congratulations to the new CS 1 graduates:

Sharon,  Sarah,  Kay, Sandra, Chris, and Kay!


More to come about Tribe Vibe, CS2, and my tribal journeys….

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