Time and you and Tribal Bliss!

Time and You

Does taking time for oneself have to be so difficult? How often do you  put your needs and desires last and spend just a little more time working? Or clean the house instead of taking time to sit in stillness? Or answer just a few more emails instead of going on that much desired walk? Or pay the bills instead of taking ten minutes to do your journal writing?

I have known this about myself for quite some time! That’s why I have an accountability partner for going to the gym to work out! I love to dance, work out, take zumba classes, lift weights, swim, even tried a super hard step class the other day. I love how I feel when I meditate, when I dance, do yoga. But sometimes it is just hard for me to do it, whether it is at home, or at the gym, or in the studio! Do you do that?

If it wasn’t for my accountability gal, I may not allow (that word again!) myself to go and do something that I feel great about doing, have fun doing, and feel even better AFTER I do it! We set up some dates for a few weeks when we can meet and work out together, and I know for a fact if I did not do that with her, I may pass right on over that Me time! And notice, the longer you do it, the more of a habit it becomes, and you know how great you feel and how much you want to continue, and it becomes easier and you know how important it is for you to do these things for yourself! Amen!

I know the house will eventually get cleaned and I will pay the bills, but it helps if I feel great before I do those things, to feel the sense of accomplishment, contentedness, ease, centered, and celebration in my body! And with NO GUILT! ha…

That is why I invite you to join in our next round of

Tribal Bliss–Dance and Vision.


It is an online course designed for you to fit into your own weekly schedule, to dance, to meditate, to write, to shake out the shit and bring on the feel good factor! Even though you do this at home, by yourself, we have an online group where you can have several lovelies to chat with, you share your experiences, to even help each other do the work /play! Or you can invite several of your mates to do it with you… a group journey…however you choose, do this for yourself…


Weaving with your Feminine Essence–think EmPowered, Creative, Feminine…

a four week, online movement journey with myself and Lynea Gillen…

For four weeks, we will explore the themes of:

  • Going Deep
  • Tribal Grooves
  • Toning
  • Celebration of the Global Us

We move our body, the mind, and spirit with dance release, writing, meditations, and exercises…this is the place for you to find pleasure and peace and enjoyment within ourselves and our small intimate on-line circle of fabulous dancing women. And this is for non-dancers and dancers alike. No experience necessary! It is not about technique but finding your inner rhythms and getting your groove on…

And even though it is the second in the series, you can join us even if you have not taken round 1!  No worries there….

Are you ready to take that little extra time for yourself? To allow yourself to move your body, your mind and your spirit? To find some bliss? To enjoy yourself!

Right on sista’s. Get registered now… although this may be the last time I run this course for awhile you get lifetime access to all the goodness that comes with it!

Register here

Every week, you will receive a PDF, with instructions that will walk you through the class. We include the links and passwords to the videos to watch on Vimeo, plus the MP3s you will be using for our weekly sessions, which include different short journeys of:

  • Writing and Release
  • Juicing the Joints
  • Focusing
  • Your Dance Journey
  • Your Inward Journey

What do you think? You ready for a movement journey? We would love you to join us. And we are ready to dive right in with you.

**Cost of this course is just $49.00.

Next session starts:  October 5th… 

Register here

I hope you can join us on this delicious journey, do this for yourself, try something a little new and different, and celebrate our bodies and our selves!

see you there…

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