transition… a few words from Paulette



love this time of year

the shifting light,

the early dark

the drying leaves

the rustle underneath the footsteps


the warmth is different with the breeze sifting by

as if a warning of the cooleness to come


but there is a melancholy

the change, the energy



it starts to take me deeper


into a different stillness

from summer


the summer of light,

of vibrancy,

of extreme play, of fullness


and now the quiet desire

of softness

of words

of the dive inward


it is  the melancholy of death

impending and upending

of age, growing older

of change

of legacy,

and passing on the tree

the tree of life

the tree of connection

of letting go

of giving back


the shedding of tears

the dismantling of layers


of building up and breaking down

back to the simple, the lusciousness,

the juiciness


back home, my home, me

just me

only me


paulette rees-denis

sept 13, 2014


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