Tribal Grooves…

The calls are coming in,

excitement with questions.

You, women, wanting to know more,

and wanting this

so good, such important work

to share with you and the world

to feel good, to move,

to get it on

to find your groove

to grow your business

to have fun

to love your body

to feel freakin good

more than good, great, exhilarated, energized, stretched

challenged, danced, sweaty, laugh, connection, the circle

new mexico retreat day 5

While on my exquisite and delightful personal retreat this past week, ah. so good,  I’ve written lots of poetry, some scenes from my book, lots of thoughts, ideas, desires, feelings, blogs. With reflection on the past few weeks, a bit of what I’ve already told you about, here is a bit more. I am just so excited about this.

Tribal Grooves™ is my newest format using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, and it is for the love for the dance, for the love of moving your body, for feeling good in your body, for fun and enjoyment, for celebration. With no pressure to get down with technique, no pressure to perform, but just to BE with your body, your dance, with your class, the music, in circle and connection, and letting your hair down! For shaking it out, for glistening with working out the body, for stretching maybe a bit past your comfort zone and for trying something new and something familiar! Sometimes slow and soft and slinky, sometimes fast and hip shaking.

And you need a teacher near you!

I want new teachers for this

I want the world to dance together and love and grow strong and have a great time…

Build your momentum to live your life with passion, how you want, to build your dream business , while you energize and enjoy your body too…


Tribal Grooves Teacher Training

I want you to train with me for this happening, this new dance format!

Is this for you?

For you, who want to teach dance, or add to what you already teach, to have a great class, to create the magic circle that dance does, to help others feel good in their skin, to celebrate our bodies, with music and dance. You are self motivated and love to work your body, adding some strength training and even some aerobic dance to get your glisten on.

akasha and Paulette striped knot

You know your body. You desire to learn and study moves and choreographies, push yourself to be a great teachers, learn to run your business, whether a side line hobby or part of your career building plan.

I give you a year long program, with loose format using GCTB, and structure, with dance and choreographies, music ideas, business coaching for building your business, for sharing with others, and connection with the other teachers on a private page.

Sounds freakin amazing, right?

You in?

Two trainings coming up in the states…

Tribal Grooves Teacher Training

Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, July 30th 11-5


Tribal Grooves Teacher Training in Portland,

Saturday, July 16th!

Deets here…

And early discount deadline is May 16th! Which one will you come to… Columbus or Portland?



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