Retreats and Challenges coming to you!

Retreats and Challenges coming to you!

taos day 2

What a retreat I had! And what a delight to do that for myself, take myself on a week long women’s writing retreat to write and renew. Something necessary for me, to have a chance to just be, away from home, away from work, just time to be alone and think and write and walk, and meet others who are there for the same reason! Very fun and refreshing… and then able to return home with a lighter and more open heart!

I highly recommend you do this for yourself, at least once a year, if not more… 🙂

I will share one little poem I wrote:


To dance and to be danced

Water falls inside and outside

In the gathering season

Of the circle

Limbs collide

Waves swaying or pounding

The beat carries the weight

Emotions raw

I shall be released

I pray


Carry on legs, strong and lean

Reaching towards the heavens

Eternal search

Heart over hand over hips

Circling the dance of life

To be in it, now

Presence is required

To fully realize

The being of now


And before I went on this retreat, and while I was there, I did a body cleanse…. I just shared this on our private Dance and Desire pages too…

(for those of you who would like to join that group….

I loved doing this cleanse (plus I continue now daily with more body awareness!)… great timing for my body and for the time of year… and I feel so good and strong and clear! And it was done with great ease…

Have you done cleanses before? Are you ready to step back into your body with ease and flow and feeling great? After all, isn’t feeling good in your body the ultimate desire we all want?

In just a few days I am going to offer you gals (living in the United States for the first time for this challenge) all a chance to join my 20 day challenge!

Woo hoo….think super foods and super easy…

Some of you met Samantha Fox Olson in the 8 week Dance and Desire online course that I offer. She is a yogini in Hawaii and is super fabulous with enormous amounts of love and energy, plus good body info and a master with this cleanse! She led me into mine!

We will be having a webinar together on

Tuesday May 24th at 6pm Pacific time to help get you lined up for this challenge!

More info to come… but mark your calendars!

The challenge starts JUNE 1st! For 20 days… just in time to celebrate summer!

Samantha writes about this cleanse: This is NOT a program that requires you to change tons of habits all at once. This is NOT a program that requires you to have 10 days without parties or travel.This is NOT a program that requires you to give up coffee, alcohol, or other foods you are not willing to give up right now.

This IS a program that will bring in whole foods and highly dense nutrition EASILY, to naturally (over time) crowd out the things your body doesn’t need (sugar, processed foods, etc.).This IS a program that will surround you with a like minded community of people who are saying YES to feeling better.This IS a program that will lift you up when you are feeling down and help put you back on track when you need it most.”

And I am excited to have you join me in following up those DESIRES of feeling great and taking good care of yourself and living those dreams… you ready?


And coming up:

I have a few exciting upcoming bits I wanted to tell you about! 

Tribal Grooves Teacher TrainingGCDC-Tribal-Grooves-Logo-Only-FB-Cover-Banner




ALSO coming to Cairns, Australia, September 2016, contact Nina Martinez

and in Auckland, New Zealand in September, 2016, contact Christine Haviland

Says newly Certified Teacher in Boise, Idaho–Akasha Mae

Tribal Grooves class is so fun! You feel worked, beautiful, open-hearted, and relaxed when you’re done! It’s a no pressure, dancing, strengthening, stretching good time! And I am honored and so, so excited to be teaching it! I love the whole concept of it, and have been really getting into the fitness world recently, as well, as it happens. I’m excited, to also open a lot more doors from belly dance and, even technique classes down the road for some, with these classes!


And speaking about RETREATS!!!!

I have dates for my 24th Annual Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend at Breitenbush Hot Spring!

…and the BIG NEWS is that I am making the retreat THREE DAYS!

just the weekend is just not long enough for you to relax and sink in to the retreat, to be fully and deeply into it and allow yourself to have that special time! So I added an extra day for us!

I am so excited by this…

April 27-30, 2017!!!

this will be my 24th year… wowowo…registration will open in September and I’ll be giving you some updates on that soon! 

Ok, my chickens! Be well, enjoy your weekend, and thanks for being here on our journey…

Paulette Rees-Denis Web-13



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Please see my coaching services here! I have two spaces opening up in June… is this your time?

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