Wednesday Thoughts and Quotes: My Glamping Escapades!

Jeff and I have way too much fun sometimes! After being so tied down with our now defunct wine bar, both of us are enjoying the freedom of working for ourselves again. We never actually quit doing that, since we have been self-employed for eons, Jeff a carpenter and musician, me a tribal bellydance teacher/ performer/photographer/writer, but we had added a whole other job over the top of those which tied us down (or up!) way too much…although I loved it to pieces, what was I thinking?!

Times, they are a changin’, and I am having a ball. Me, the work-a-holic has gone astray!

Anyway, with some free weekends now open for us (only sometimes for me in my dance world), we’ve been enjoying the glamping life so far this summer. Glamour camping, you’ve heard me talk about that before. We have amassed 3 camper/trailers-a vintage 1956 Aloha-totally not road ready, a 1963 turquoise and white with wings Shasta-getting glamped up with a cowboy music theme, and a modern/retro 2004 T@B-complete with lava lamp and a bit of orange 60’s schtick. That all spells hitting the road with F-U-N!
And I belong to a few T@B groups, one of which I host an annual rally with , and a girl group of cowgirl renegades callers Sisters on the Fly ( Crazy fun stuff…

photo:Cate Gable

I love hitting the road. Jeff and I have always enjoyed traveling together, and when we bring our 2 little corgi dogs-Rika and Gracie-it is a blast, they make me laugh so, playing ball and swimming. Seeing the country side is awe-inspiring, especially when unexpected canyons of adventure turn up.

Probably more than anything I love meeting others on the road. We do have our trailer groups, so often we caravan and meet up somewhere for a rally. When our groups go out together, there are always new folk, and the folks we haven’t seen in a year or two, which usually feels like yesterday.

photo:Rob Klengler

And not only do we get to venture to someplace new, but we explore, hang out, share food and wine, laugh-a lot. Plus I take my camera everywhere and am so digging on taking photos again.  The past few weekends I  got some cowgirls up bellydancing at one rally,what a hoot…

and we gathered our friends to play music with us at another! Sweet…

photo: Rene Groom (Adventures with Dusty-

It’s a lovely road out there, and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it, with photos and tales and wild rides…. thanks for being here!

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