What is rocking my world this fine Friday

what is rocking my world this fine Friday


Yowza…mastin is doing it, sayin it…so personal yet so universal…

The daily good


Full of goodness…once a day

Brain pickings.org

Oh yea…read what Henry miller has to say about his work habits…love him…

My new very short and still very blonde haircut

Hank Williams the third, wow, he so tears it up…loving his music!

Vintage Trailer Rally in Roslyn, WA, this weekend (look for photos upcoming!)

Dancing…working out…my new membership at the neighborhood gym…kick boxing, hip hop, Zumba, flat abs, boot camp, oh yea…I just feel soooo good

Getting booked in Austria for the first time, so many dance workshops coming up this year and next. I am so excited…

Having a few of my upcoming my dance workshops sell out in record time–Flagstaff, Orlando, England, loving that big time!

And being on the road with my man, my 2 corgi dogs, and my vintage Shasta trailer, out to hang out with good friends….

And this most glorious day, thank you for being here…and you enjoy now, hear?

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