What do you desire? How do you feel in your body?

What do you desire? And how do you feel in your body?

  • Why dance?

Body awareness, juicing up the joints, being silly, feeling sensuous, releasing emotions…

Dancing has been a way for me to become and stay aware and very conscious of my body, with its changes over the years. As a woman, dancing and teaching these steps have healed me when I’ve had menstrual cramps, emotional highs and lows, aching joints, and has gotten me through menopause. It has kept me strong and healthy just from the movement orientation of constantly and consistently using my body, almost daily for so many years. I acutely notice the way my body has shifted over the years, partly because I look in the mirror at myself a lot while in classes and workshops, and because of that, I really know my curves, indents, bulges, weight gains and losses, which gives me that beautiful sense of familiarity in this womanly temple that I inhabit. And with my students, since many of them continue to dance with me for years, I see their changes too, exploring the meaning of those changed for each dancer, with support, knowledge, and questions and answers. We can’t hide anything doing this dance together, as it becomes very intimate, as a body art form does. Body changes are apparent and let’s bring it to the forefront and glorify them. How exquisite is this?

On a different type of physical level, that ties in with emotions too, I know that dancing will always make me feel better. It warms the body, loosens the joints, strengthens the muscles, breaks a sweat, which is great by itself. It can hold my attention, and put me into a different zone, a calmer mindset, of that powerful place of being in total concentration. Making these beautiful sensuous movements that feel great in the body, to provocative and intoxicating music, and then doing the dance with another one or ten like­-minded souls, as tribal calls to do, can form a smile, lighten the load, bring me back to the moment, the now, with the improvisational method that the dance is based on. That’s when the magic really begins.

  • Why write?

Thoughts become words become things

Writing about how you feel, emptying your head, releasing held patterns, asking for what you want ­­ the law of attraction

I believe we must write, besides dance! Words are our other way of communication, and sharing the experiences we go through because and with the dance, is one of the most demonstrative modes of communication. What goes on in our heads becomes real when it is written down, bringing a clarity and beauty to our experiences in an even more profound way. It is not the words of a professional writer, but the thoughts of the dancer that I find revealing, provoking, healing, empowering. I don’t mean professional dancers only, as we are dancers, moving our way through life.


This is the work and play that we do in my 8 week course

Starting Sunday March 20th! Yes, you still have time to join us!

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Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page…

To explore and celebrate and move and share

To get out of your box and try something new

To acknowledge your fabulousness

To define what makes you shine and ask for what you want

Starts this Sunday…. Register now!

Now I desire to listen to and respect my body and to move with love and joy and comfort. -KB

How does this course work?

You work at your own pace, on your own time, do as much or as little, everyday or however it works into your schedule. One thing I really like to stress though, is to really try to do all the work for the most benefit to you. Pushing through your comfort zones, doing the workouts, journaling and answering the questions, and participating in the group really makes the entire experience all the more special, profound, loving, and fun!

With fabulous and big connections…

 So, first thing is to schedule your private time into your calendar now, so you can actually make time to be in it, for you, for your body and soul, get your discipline on, and enjoy your journey!

I am so thrilled and delighted to be sharing this work with you, and to hear about your paths, your desires, your fears, and your triumphs, and to CELEBRATE all that you are!

Read more here

I would love to have you join us, to shine and dance and quest and celebrate.. 8 weeks to fulfillment and dreams and desires and wholeness and loving your fabulous self! Give yourself the gift of time and dance and some self-loving…and get that body moving…Feeling great!



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