What’s stopping you–part 3

What’s stopping you, part 3


Change your life

Hello friends…Happy Friday to you… I am writing you from San Jose, where I am attending Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within seminar. Wowowowo…. This feeds my heart and soul so… I love being able to continue my own training, allowing myself to do the things that feed me, that light my fire, and that give me more juice so I can share all aspects of what I do with you!

Peeps, this is such good stuff, and what he teaches me is so relevant and timely to what I’ve been writing to you about on and off for so long now…knowing how powerful and creative  and beautiful you are and getting your life on!

Especially this week with my posts… I so want to share these main ideas with you, even in this abbreviated form (Yes, this is much of what we start out with when we have our coaching sessions!)

The past two posts, (here are the links if you haven’t had a chance to read them!) —

  1. Change your state–

And how was that for you?

  1. Change your story

And how about those words?

Makes a lot of sense, right? Do you see how you can self-sabotage yourself? Stop yourself from living your true purpose, your dream life, living fully and joyfully? Starting with those concepts—think about what drives you?


Having that insatiable hunger for growth, impact, wellness, is the key to living an extraordinary life…Are you feeling it? Do you have a hunger deep in your belly? What do you feel?

And only YOU can make the decision to Change your life!

Setting yourself up for success, daily, changing your state, getting into a healthy vibrant body is of utmost importance. Moving your body changes your biochemistry. Changing your physiology can change your feelings. Activating your own force. Yes?

And then finding the words that say what you deep down desire, envisioning your dreams and your life, again small or big, no matter, what ever you are wanting. And  allowing yourself to fill yourself up. Changing your words, using language to change your biochemistry. Remember that the words you use become your experience, become your life. Only you can change and use the words for you, for what you want.

And knowing WHY you want that…

Sometimes I’m like a two year old, asking–Why? Why? Why?

I ask my clients, my dancers this all the time. You must know why you want something to fill out that picture for yourself, to make sense, to feel it in your heart and soul and body. And then you can get on with it! Why do you want to dance? Why do you want to teach? Why do you want to start your own business? Why don’t you feel good? Think about it… make a list of your why’s. Get down to the truth, the core, friends… the truth shall set you free!

Change your life!

No reason to life in fear–fear of not being enough, and fear of not being loved….get over yourself, let go of suffering and get in that amazing state, let your life flow.

Know you can change your life by bringing into focus what you feel, what you want. See it. Feel it. Know the why. Envision it. Believe it… Release the fear and know the beauty and power in your body and your heart…Believe in yourself and your dreams. Breathe it in

Life is too short for bullshit. And you don’t need an excuse to feel good. You are here to live, and to give back to the world with your best self, your happiest and most joyous being, with grace and gratitude, with abundance and love!

How does that sound?

How does that feel?

Tell me, share with us in the comments, what are you feeling as you read this post? I would love to know!

gracefully yours!






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