What’ stopping you-part 2

Change your story  

(part 2 of What’s Stopping You)

change your story

How did that go friends, changing your state?

I heard back from some of you, who actually did get up and do it! Move, stretch, dance, change your mood, your attitude! Yay! Really, it does not take much, does it? ( miss that post? go here…)

Just that little bit of movement, motivation and momentum… (that’s what I’m all about in my coaching sessions!) can start to change your day! Get you  re-started and re-charged.

Back to focusing on the good stuff of your day, of your life…doing what you do with passion, compassion, love, with vitality and energy–the feel good stuff!

So once you  change your state… you can start to look at your story… what are you telling yourself these days? Are you talking bullshit, making up things, putting yourself down, putting things on hold…what is your story?

You happy with that? Is it lighting your fire? Down deep, is it what you really want for yourself?

Some of the same things I said last post about self-critique, procrastination, ho-hum living, not enough self-care and self-love. Blah blah blah… you sick of it yet?

So what are you going to do?

Change your story!

What is your story? Write it down… what do you keep telling yourself? Now, think about that…if you just changed a few words, turn your story around…what would that FEEL like?

Like this:

I really want to do that, but I can’t afford it…

Change it:

I really truly want to do that, so I will allow myself to work toward that goal, (set a date)


I would love to do that, so I can afford it, and will rearrange my priorities. Yay!


Doing that thing that I love so much will up my game, so that is my priority. I will find a way.


I will make it happen!

Because friends, you can. You write your own story. You create your own life.

Try it… right now… See what you come up with. I bet it makes you feel good!

Noone else is responsible. Noone is to blame for your life. Bullshit if you step back and make more excuses. Envision what you want. I go through several processes like this with my clients and the changes are dramatic, and usually super fast! Awe-inspiring… You can shift your words, your mind-set, and move into action.

Journaling is a big part of this… writing down what is important to you and what you really truly desire. Crossing off the non-important things. What is deep in your heart and your body? Enjoy the process of envisioning… dreaming of the things that you can do… And when you are living that life, then you can start to give back to the world, Think of the contributions you can make when you feel good. From a smile, to doing work that really matters, to sharing the love–in so many ways.

And gratitude... what are you grateful for?

And again, changing your state, moving that body! Get it out of your head and into your body… moving forward with intention… Feeling good. Taking good care of yourself, day by day, or even hour by hour. Your body is your temple…it is the only one you got! Feed it with love and wellness and inspiration.

So try this, let me know how it goes…and share with us in the comments below…

 if you want more guidance, I have 3 spots open starting the end of November for some one on one coaching… see here…)

Two things I’m really excited about to help you along these paths:

  1. Is my Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page,

8 week ecourse, now available to you anytime! This course takes you through many ideas, using body, heart, and soul to get you moving and grooving… dreaming and desiring, making changes and acknowledging your beauty and your being… I love diving into this work and sharing concepts, inspirations, and others’ stories as well. Go here to learn more

  1. And our upcoming Women’s Weekend Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs,

in Detroit  Or —(about 2 ½ hours south of Porland, OR, it the beautiful mountains… This years’ theme is

        Dance and Desire:

From the Body to the Page:   Honor, Claim, Desire

A three day movement and writing journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis, with my beautiful co-presenters…

Lynea Gillen, and Elena Lipson

Go here to read more and register (spaces are already filling up!)

I am so excited about the work I am doing, and sharing, teaching and coaching. And I love to help guide you to be your fullest, brightest, most badass self too… Enjoy these offerings, come and join us, get your self up and running, and share with us, what you are up to…

Got one more part to this mini-series… watch for it. With so much love for you…







What’s coming up?

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