My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge!

It is coming!
My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge!

Dance and Desire…
Ladies…. I am so excited to share this with you…

The basic premise in Dance and Desire is what I love to carry on and preach about… the ultimate feeling is simple…to feel good! So much of believing in yourself starts with feeling good in your skin… basic and real…

Loving your body and doing all you can to move with ease and enjoy every minute.


I hear stories all the time from my dancers, students, and friends who say their knees hurt, or their arthritis is flaring up, or the are getting old (as if they expect to fall apart as they age).

One of my mantras in my Movement, Momentum, and Magic coaching sessions is to “change your story”. 

So here is a great way to kick start your body, your summer, your time to change your story.

My 30 Day Challenge! (and yes you can continue on for life!)
June 1-30, 2016… ready to kick into summer!
Puriam’s Core 3

What a way to to get your body groovin and your energy up with ease and superfoods!

Why would you NOT take good, even better care of yourself as you get older? Whether you are a dancer as a profession or dance through life, your body is your temple, your tool, your medium with which to express yourself and take this exquisite journey of living, daily! Why would you not lose weight if that is what you wanted to feel better? Why would you not cut out inflammatory foods if your joints were swollen? Why would you not quit eating something if it disagrees with your heartfelt ethics? Why not cleanse your body and freshen it up?

I like to do a cleanse a few times a year to lighten up, clean out the toxins, and feel lighter in my body. But this time I was led by my friend Samantha Fox Olson to a cleanse and some incredible products from Purium to kick start a new regime, because I was feeling stuck. I do eat incredibly healthy, vegetarian, and always give my students info, book recommendations, writing exercises, body exercises, etc, to find what they need to feel better, to find what is that desire they have to live fullest, more present, and with passion…

Samantha and I are hosting a webinar on
Tuesday May 24, at 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
for you all to join us on the call, find out more, and ask questions…
Ever done a webinar? This is easy… join 

and click on this link…
Mark you calendar for tomorrow’s jam!


See,  I too wanted yet an even deeper level of self-care, and feeling good in my body. And I did this cleanse and LOVE how I feel! Besides, I truly believe in these products and the ethics, and how easy it can make my everyday care. So I decided to post this challenge for YOU, my friends!

Now, this is the first time for me to run a challenge. And I can only offer this to you women in the United States and Canada at the moment, for shipping purposes… ( overseas gals, I am working on a plan for you!)

What this challenge involves is you ordering up your superfood cleansing products: Your Amino Acids, your Daily Shake, and your Apothecherry concentrate. And I have a $50 gift certificate for you to use to get you started! Woo hoo…

Plus over the 20 days, I am going to send you four videos of warm up exercises for you to do, hopefully daily ( but whatever time you can commit to doing these short workouts) , to get your body in gear and moving with ease and more strength! How about that?

Plus I will send you six journaling prompts to get into that daily habit of journaling and asking yourself some delicious questions about how you feel and what you want! And a meditation to get you started and into focus, awareness, and relaxation!

But you have to order up now, to get your products to start on June 1st! We can all start together, yes, I am doing this with you!

I would love you to watch this video about the 3 main products you will start with…
Video explaining the Core 3…great basic!
to watch, please ask me to join this group page and I will direct you to some great info! This will get you super excited and ready to do your cleanse…

So very exciting! I am so glad to have you join us and get that body feeling good, so you can do that special thing you do with more purpose and energy and clarity!

You ready?
We have our own page to share our journey…Join my private Facebook page for our challenge so you can meet each other and share your successes… here…

Here I will post all the info for our webinar, and also how to get your cleansing superfoods for our challenge with my $50.00 off coupon! Oh yes…

Hope to see you at the challenge!
with so much deep gratitude for our connection…


Tribal Grooves Teacher TrainingGCDC-Tribal-Grooves-Logo-Only-FB-Cover-Banner

Watch the video!
Click here to see our Tribal Grooves Teacher Training class trailer!




ALSO coming to Cairns, Australia, September 2016, contact Nina Martinez

and in Auckland, New Zealand in September, 2016, contact Christine Haviland

Says newly Certified Teacher in Boise, Idaho–Akasha Mae

Tribal Grooves class is so fun! You feel worked, beautiful, open-hearted, and relaxed when you’re done! It’s a no pressure, dancing, strengthening, stretching good time! And I am honored and so, so excited to be teaching it! I love the whole concept of it, and have been really getting into the fitness world recently, as well, as it happens. I’m excited, to also open a lot more doors from belly dance and, even technique classes down the road for some, with these classes!


Please see my coaching services here! I have two spaces opening up in June… is this your time?

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