My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge! (more info)

My 30 Day Cleanse Challenge!

Has the winter season added a heaviness to your body that you are now ready to shed?

Are you frustrated with the lack of energy and vitality that you know is inside but feels dull or dim?

Are you craving foods that you know are not serving your highest expression and wellbeing?

Are you ready to shed the excess weight of winter (average weight loss on this cleanse is 5-15 pounds–woo hoo)?

Are you ready to reset your metabolism and heal your gut?

Are you ready to take your energy to the next level and bring that energy into your fabulous creative realms?

Are you ready to feel alive and more vibrant , just in time for summer?

Hey Ladies, I have a group of women who will be doing a 30 day superfoods cleanse with me starting June 1st. I am super excited and wanted to invite you to join in the fun with us too! Work on those desires!

Some of the results you can expect are: average weight loss is 5-15 pounds, clarity of mind, breaking addictions to sugar and processed foods, greater optimism and joy. How does that sound? Perfect, right?

Let me know if you wanna join the party. There is going to be loads of support and accountability- because we all need some help. We will be eating food and it’s going to be a fun way to be certain we are ready for summer and to feel fabulous…

I will be hosting a webinar tomorrow where you can learn more about how to join us.

Tuesday May 24, at 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

for you all to join us on the call, find out more, and ask questions…

Click on this link:

You do need to set up a free account with Zoom…super easy

And then click and call at 5pm (PST)… this is for USA gals only at this time, I am working on shipping arrangements for you others from overseas…

And with this 30 day challenge, I am offering you some online videos to work your body with, warmups and stretches to feel good, plus some journaling prompts to write about and notice your progress! Woo hoo…

Want to see some testimonials now? And find out a bit more before our webinar tomorrow? Email me or PM me and I will link you up with some super inspiring info, photos, and more…

I’m excited to have you join us!

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