More about the Challenge!

Hey my friends…Last week I told you about my 30 day Cleanse Challenge

and it is now also 10 day Challenge… your choice!

And it starts June 10th, 2016

Kicking into summer with the body and soul that feel so good! And it’s a party!

I want you to join in and

I want you to feel great!

It’s a transformation…

I have changed this up, and now there are 2 offers of the challenge for YOU!

Some of you have mentioned being overwhelmed at the prospect of doing a 30 day cleanse!

I get that… I too  started with the 10 day… even though I’m going forward into the 30 day Transformation!

The 30 day is the best way to go, and the highest commitment for yourself to feel really great in your body and for clarity, cleansing, toning, fat loss, energy building, and mind focus!

Along with the cleanse and the community support……and especially for you, my pretties–I am including  workout/dance videos and journaling prompts during this challenge to get you moving and totally aware of how great you are feeling!

I want you to know that you CAN do the 10 day Challenge as is still highly effective at getting you on your roll by bringing awareness into your body, and what you put into that amazing temple of yours…

You are here with me because you believe in the Tribal lifestyle of dance, radiance, community, self-care, celebration, and living full on, right?

This is self-care at the highest, and we all need time to commit to ourselves to do what we need to do to feel the best we can and to live full and be super uber present!

Cleansing and strengthening the body, and using these three products of amino acids, delicious and easy green drinks of fruits and veggies while getting our proteins and antioxidants, add sleeping well! Woo hoo.. This is so easy and doable, and after I did the first one, I just want to keep going…

I feel so good and love moving my body with ease, dancing fully, feeling tuned up and turned on! And not settling for less…know what I mean?

The Challenge begins on June 10th, but you have to order your Purium products NOW so they get delivered to you so we can all begin together…I changed the date so we had more time to plan… ( I got so excited about offering up this challenge that I tend to jump into my ideas too fast!) (Again, this first time I can only offer this to you in the U.S for shipping purposes…)

If you are desiring to feel great, slimmer and toner, to lose that body fat, be present and more aware of your food, and of your beautiful temple of a body…

JOIN ME… for this challenge

Sound good??? What do you desire?

We had a fun webinar the other day, and I’m hoping to do another one beginning of next week to answer some of your questions about this cleanse! I’ll post some times so we can have a phone chat to find out exactly what you need!

Want more info?

Hit REPLY and get back to me today so we can get a free 30 minute consultation set up to get your goals dialed in and your package ordered. and get ready to start this challenge together!

Watch these!

Ahhh…so good…I want you to feel great, move that body with love and ease, get your groove on,and live fully and present!

Thanks friends…so much love here for you!


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