Collective Soul and Teacher Training Intensives at home

I love being on the road, and teaching¬† our dance sisters around the globe. I feel like I’m pulling a thread that is bringing so many of us closer to each other as well as to ourselves, through our dance. I usually take Collective Soul and Teacher Training on the road, so I’m excited to be having it at home again this July, in Portland, and in my little town of Clatskanie! I get to share my farm and my home dancers with these women from other places, so we all get to experience each other, and they get to take classes here with my dancers. We have dancers coming from the UK, Florida, Canada, and several from right here in Portland.

After taking my courses this June in Philadelphia, one of my certified CS1 and TT1 dancers  wrote me with exciting and inspiring news:

Since leaving the workshop I have been overwhelmed with new purpose and drive to succeed. I have quit my job and decided to teach, dance, vend, and do henna as my primary income. It has been a long time coming to this realization. I have known this is what I wanted to do for a while but hadn’t had the confidence until now. I have had many inspirations and hope I can be an inspiration to others to follow their dreams and make their passion their reality.”

That just makes my work so meaningful and fills me with even great aspirations as well.

I look forward to sharing my home dance space with those coming, and then I take it on the road again this fall, to Milwaukee, England, and Italy, then to Australia in February, and I hope Bali next summer! I hope you can join me on the quest for deeper roots and meaning in our tribal bellydance. I want you all to dance with me and each other!

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