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“The promise of unlimited potential abundance is a divine right.”

Deepok Chopra

While I don’t consider myself a business coach, so much of what I do guide my clients through in my Life Coaching sessions, and also teach my students in all levels of my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Teacher Training, is in fact, business. Because doing what you love and are passionate about, finding your soul’s purpose, finally going after that dream, and following your heart’s path is a deep need within each of us, and the desire is to be successful and prosperous at whatever we do– whatever success looks like to you!

And that is the ultimate of what I want for you too. To be prosperous, successful, abundant, content, and happy with your life.

And to gain that soul-fulfilling momentum to live every day.

Knowing what you desire is the first step. How you want to feel, and why. Whether it is a change in your personal life or your business career, or both, as they do overlap, right? This is your life we’re talking about! Close the gap between your dreams and where you are right now…Where do you want to be?

To be authentic to what you really want (not what someone else wants from you), to find the true you deep inside, means taking the time to slow down and listen, to yourself, no one else. To feel, to hear, to move, to allow your gut, your intuition, your source, your soul and your body to speak up loud, with clarity, so you can hear it. Showing up to yourself. And that feels really good.

How do you get there from here, you ask?

There are so many ways to check in with yourself. You’ve heard these before, I’m sure… meditation, journaling, mindmapping, peyote (just kidding!), coaching, prayer, ritual, walking, to be in nature, cleansing… yes, many ways to deepen your connection with self. And so good.

Truly though, giving yourself time, time to slow down, sit, dance, and listen. Tune in and trust what you hear and how you feel. Move that body and write it down. Dance and Desire!

Starting each day with my own rituals gets my momentum up. I have daily morning practices that are so important to me, necessary for me to feel good, that if I don’t do them, I feel ungrounded for the day or week ahead. I check in and listen to what I need for myself, as well as the work and personal activities I desire to do. I love to kickstart myself, too, after taking time to journal my morning pages, move my body, drink my green drink, THEN I go for a powerwalk complete with gratitude awareness, future envisioning, and powerful incantations, plus I’ve started running interval while walking, which I’m a bit obsessed with now! It revs up my body and my brain and my spirit, and I love how I feel when I’m done! Wow, ready to give my best to the day.

My daily rituals…I LOVE them! These set my day up for success, I know what I need and what I want to do, to have a successful business day and also allow downtime and pleasure too. Got to keep that on my daily musts! I calendar it up, very important, but most important, I know what is ENOUGH!

I did not know about ENOUGH years ago…full on, head strong, yes a triple Fire, type A, workaholic. Running my own business. Working 24/7. I know what is enough for me, instead of powering through and burning myself out. Yes, because I’ve done that, several times in my fantastic career. That is not a pretty place to be. Done with that. Now I understand what I can and can’t do, to be fulfilled, get my work done, and enjoy myself. I’ve listened to my heart and body.

To remain a human being, instead of a human doing!

Know what I mean?

Now I know what I want to be doing, from my heart and soul, I say yes to being more present in my life and my relationships and my business, I feel great in my body, and life is so good. I make magic every day!

And it starts over and fresh every morning.

How about you? What are your daily rituals that help you be the most vibrant and loving human being? Do you have some?

So much love for you and here is to your daily magic!



Paulette Rees-Denis Web-13



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