What does dance do for you?

What does dance do for you?


As a dancer, coach, and writer, one of the things I love most is hearing you,  my students and clients, express yourself from deep within, to get that connection, to take the time to listen to yourself and feel. It has always been one of my biggest joys in hearing you find the words, to feel that explosion of feeling and being able to say it, write it, articulate it. To find the way to say what you mean, to find the way you want to feel, and to find the thing that brings you joy, self-connection, and connection with others. To love yourself. To open up. To find your own beauty and acknowledge it too. With pride and strength. And meaning.

That is what brought about my whole concept of Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page. (this course is now available to you!—see below)

To find the ways to move your body to feel good. To get outside your box. To take time for yourself to listen and do. To own yourself and your body. To find the words that say what you mean, what you want, what you desire.

And I keep asking you to tell me! Celinda shared her words with us, above…beautiful… (thank you dear one!)

Below is a poem I wrote I wanted to share too…

The Sacred Temple

Of my soul

Housing the beauty

Engaging the opening, enraging the fire

Spreading wide

Fully, to reach the wholeness

Of feeling,

Bliss, elation

Spreading the story of grace

Graceful being

Graceful movement

Graceful longing

Graceful beauty

The devadesi within dances on the flames

Feeling the wildness

Ecstatic union with myself


Finding the ripeness

Lusciousness of the rainstorm

As it feeds the soil

I feel it seeping into my pores

Awakening that sleeping queen turning nymph

In the garden of delight

Running wild and rampant

Retreating in and stirring those embers

The beauty

Oozes its juiciness nonstop

Eyes rolling with the continuous

Birthing of vision

Eye candy, gorgeousness

Rampant, exquisite orgasmic life

Unleashing the wild and

Sacred temple

             By Paulette Rees-Denis

Enjoy these thoughts and feelings and words today… May you have richness in your body and your mind!

with immense gratitude…


Dance & Desire:

From The Body To The Page

Body Love, Belly Dance, Heart-opening, Divine Inspiration,

Soul Diving, & Celebration
an eight week dance, movement and word online course

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