Friday Bling with Paulette Rees-Denis

Friday Bling!

Hello my Friday friends!

Many thanks to all of you who answered my survey this past week… I am beyond grateful.

PLUS it is soooo exciting to hear about what you enjoy on my blog, and what you desire in your world, and what you want to read here… dang…that so rocks!

And you will be receiving a little something from me as a token of my appreciation for taking the time to write me back! woo hoo… watch for that soon…

One thing I’ve been doing lately while I’ve been in the studio filming by upcoming online courses, is taking lots of selfies… wanting to let myself just go, not professionally photographed, not a beautiful shot with proper lighting, etc. Just shot and play and blur and twist my shots…

It is a very freeing exercise, a creative moment or five, a vulnerable expanse of time in front of the camera, but not “on”…I recommend you try it, it is quite fun… I will share more of mine here, and maybe you can share yours with us!




Friday Bling…bring it on…here’s something to start your weekend!

OMG!  yes, what a performance…

annie and hozier


marie forleo said,

That word is trust.

Trust is that beautiful feeling deep in your bones when you just know someone is true, honest and real. There’s integrity and reliability born from a mutual sense of humanity and respect.

….In its simplest form, creating trust means expressing love.

Love in the form of genuine care for another person’s well-being: emotionally, physically and financially.

And this simple idea turns building a powerful business into a personal spiritual practice.”


Layla Martin…cuz I love this woman and what she speaks to…

She cares about your heart, your happiness and your orgasms and how to love every inch of your body…Wow!

I’ve taken this course and SO HIGHLY recommend it…The Obliss Ecourse

this is about Mastering Your Feminine Sexual Arts… now how can you refuse that gals??

Check it out here and sign up for it too…

and you are welcome!

and if you haven’t read this yet, Layla’s latest book, “Wild Woman in the Bedroom – how to break free of insecurities and have all the pleasure you deserve” is an incredible read!

I’m really happy to offer it to you as a gift download here

A lesson to listen to…thank you Licia Morelli

I heard a great quote the other day, from Abraham-Hicks.

“Are you happy? Then tell your face!”

ok, my friends, enjoy and may your weekend be sparkly and full of celebration…

with love,



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