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Friday BlingPaulette-Portraits-39Hello hello hello…

Want to feel a little better?  A song to start your weekend off with a little James Brown!

Get up offa that thing!

Here in Portland we are having spring already. My bulbs are blooming, and the fragrances are intoxicating. I’ve been digging in the dirt and redesigning our yard, as we are starting to build an ADU  (accessory dwelling unit) in the back of the back yard! Getting ready to rent out that front house (Air B n’B, VRBO!) So friends, when you come to Portland and are looking for a place to stay this fall,  you know who to call?!

But designing an 800 square foot house is exciting, and downsizing our bigger house, is, well, daunting… but yet, it feels so good to pass on the goods, either through costumes sales, books sales, music sales, garage sales, and donating to charities… Lighten the load, simplify… and that involves lots of memories, and even more questions–like what to keep, what not to keep, what do I need, and what can I live without–which by the way, is almost everything!

I am tired of being weighed down by stuff, do you know what I mean? How about you? Is everything you have in your home, something you love? I have said that for years. I have to love it to have it… or it’s a no go…

And loving something really hard, and really a lot, is just right, and that feels really good. That is how I want to feel–good, blissful, celebratory…what it all comes down to…feeling great…in my home, in my work, in my skin, and my life. All the way around.


And that leads me my exciting online course,

Tribal Bliss–Dance and Vision,

which is NOW offered to you anytime you want it, and at a discount!

Last year I ran this course 2x, for four weeks, on a specific date. I know many of you could not commit then, but now you have the opportunity to own the course and do the four weeks, as a four week study, or just whenever you need some journal prompting, some meditations to follow, some dancing juiciness, yoga stretching, and trying new ways to achieve that feel good bliss, in your body, soul, and mind!

oh yes….

Tribal Bliss (part one)…

an online movement journey with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

Now at a reduced price ($36.00 from $48.00)…

and you can use any part of the super full and fabulous course anytime you are ready to undertake 4 weeks or one day of moving your body and finding your bliss!

This is a course for you if you want to dance, move your body with freedom, write, sparkle, stretch, shake it out, dig in, breathe, and find your bliss…We want you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!

Bring on your dance with bliss and fun, internal questing and external dance juiciness!…

Read more about it, see if it is what you want and need right now, and have some fun…Get the course here

And start your weekend off Blissfully…

Now off for some Friday Bling!

Are you ready for spring?? the Sacred Middle has some beautiful altar ideas..


love, Maya Angelou, mother, and liberation…


Hiro Boga says…

In any situation, the clearest, strongest energy prevails. So, bring an energy of love and truth, wholeness and compassion, power and presence, to any encounter. It will transform you, the situation, and everyone involved.

Richard Branson:

Listen more than you talk. Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak.

Brian Johnson brings us 10 principles of optimal living:

Optimism + Purpose + Self-Awareness + Goals + Action + Energy + Wisdom + Courage + Love + en*theos.

Now I don’t do sugar or chocolate very often, but OMG, I made this for Jeff’s birthday this week —you gotta try it and tell me if you loved it...Gluten-free Lava cake

And you can still sign up for the

Women’s Weekend  Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs,

in Detroit Oregon, with ME, Elena Lipson, and Lynea Gillen…

Ready for some Tribal bellydance? and sooooo much more…

read more here…

OK, loves have a most fantabulous weekend, tell me about it!

and get your Bliss on!



Tribal Bliss logo-smallerYou get four weeks of one email a week, with  PDF, links to some vimeo videos to workout and dance with, journaling questions and prompts, and more… You get to do this on your own time, make if fit into your schedule and enjoy your body, your movement and your words! Ready?

Read more about it, see if it is what you want and need right now, and have some fun…Get the course here



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