Friday What I’m Loving!

Friday what I’m loving!

For one, I’m loving being back home after  my two week England and Italy tour! Which was exceptional and fabulous and fun and tiring and all that it could be. All workshops were fantastic, and so many new and not so new dancers got to experience the Tribal spirit while Deirdre, Cinzia, and I taught new and not so new moves, formations, ideas, and wellness ideas along with the Tribal love! But coming home is always good, you know?

Next week, off to Columbus, Ohio to visit family and teach another workshop (you can join us!) to a fab group of dancers there who are digging the tribal grooves too.

Then GCDC dancers Gina, Karen, and I will head to Seattle for Cues and Tattoosa really fun tribal bellydance festival. Anyone going? Performance Friday night and we’ ve got two great workshops there on Saturday….


In honor of Women’s Day this past week…

Women of the WeekSheila Kelly…Let’s get Naked!

The reclamation of women power and dancing the dance to empower both masculine and feminine…

and just for a horrified giggle at past advertising… now we know even more what Sheila is talking about in the video above! this is in Italian, but most are American adverts…


How’s that for crazy past advertising messages? Jeez… now back to Sheila!

Yes, we have come a long way, but now we need to go back to some empowered and magical women’s days like centuries ago…revere women as the lovely, magical creatures that we are, as we stand up for ourselves.

I enjoy what Sheila is saying, and her experiences with her past body issues have a universal theme. Researching and empowering herself with pole dancing was tremendously healing and eye-opening for her, and the many women that she has taught and interviewed. Although my mode of dance, Tribal Bellydance, is different than hers of pole dancing, it has the same end result… empowering, enlightening, strengthening, and beautifying ourselves as the women that we are today.  There are many ways to feel our sexy, gorgeous selves, and you cannot deny that moving the body in any way is strengthening and healing on so many levels.

Revving up the system, juicing up the joints, looking at oneself in the mirror, and in our case, dancing with others too, as we get our tribal bellydance on is so bonding and empowering. How can we not feel great after a dance class?! Be it yoga, bellydance, pole dancing, zumba, whatever rocks your boat.

Now, let’s get out there and dance!


ok, just a few other fun pieces to share with you today,

**Here is a gorgeous blog, and delicious recipe!

**And OMG, what a gorgeous magazine… you will be drooling over the pics!

**and here some delicious info for healing teas and more!

These Light Footsteps–Facilitating the Transition to an Earth-Centered Culture

**this is what I”m talking about! so tired of people telling me they need meat to get their protein… check it out! Great info for all…

***plus our other new tshirts! Woo hoo…how are these for grooving dance and street wear!


go here to shop!

and now being home for the week, I get to spend time at the animal shelter where I volunteer and take care of all my dogs! It is so rewarding to be able to give something back to the world, and I do this by helping the dogs so they can find there forever homes…. and I miss them so much when I’m gone too, besides my home dogs and my man! So off I go, and you all have a terrific weekend, dance, eat great food, , take care of your sweet selves, and feel freakin’ fabulous!

Thank you for being here!


**Oh, and The Tribal Quest Experience starts this Sunday, my online six week dance and so much more e-ourse, so let’s get dancing!

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