Taking Tribal Global – what’s your default or signature move?

Good Wednesday to you, and greetings from Scotland!

Deirdre here, and I have a question for you today. What’s your default or signature dance move? AS guest editor of Paulette’s blog,  I have been thinking about our dance, the great variety of moves and combinations and how we pull it all together in the moment.

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) offers many challenges and dancing this dance involves some kind of work, which we know includes improvising with our structured language and format. Improvising for me means many things, including getting moves into your muscle memory; and that takes time, effort, practice and drilling. It’s fun and it’s work and that combination makes it satisfying. Oh yeah….photo-1

When you start off dancing there is so much to learn, and that learning doesn’t stop. We drill and practice in class, and at home, and then we are given the opportunity to lead somehow. Know that one? It could be in a duet, a rotating circle or another formation, but we’re up front…what now?

I smile to myself, when I pull our my favorite move of the moment (the one I’ve been drilling myself), or I have moves I default to… I call them my spare tires. These  can become your signature moves too, so its not a bad thing. They are the ones your muscle memory goes to when there is a certain rhythm, perhaps when your mind may not quite be in the moment, or you just need your comforter.

I started to think more about this following one of the questions we were posed in a journaling exercise when I was participating in the Tribal Quest Experience in late 2013.  Its a great topic to chat about with your fellow dancers and you may not even realize what yours are! My current favorite moves are the Ghawazee 3, Hip Shimmies and Hip Sway Double Maya, I certainly know I love the earthy hip moves!

I would love to hear what your moves are that feel just right when you dance, and how you mix it up!

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