Friday what is rockin’ my world and the Tribal Quest Experience…

Friday what is rockin’ my world!

Happy Friday to you my friends!


I am getting ready to head up to Toronto to teach a weekend workshop, full of good Tribal goodness, technique, drills, laughter, dancing in our circle of beautiful creative power. Will be so good to spend time with the dancers on that side of the country!

Wanted to let you know about the NEW Tribal Quest Experience online course coming up… with a special offer just for you…

**Be one of the first 25 to register and I will send you a free 22 minute warmup video (link on Vimeo) to get you started!

Register here

but first…

I read this poem yesterday and loved it , wanted to share it with you today….


I am a dangerous woman…

Infinitely compassionate and wildly loving.

Softly strong and strongly soft in my ways.

Don’t get to close, you may see dreams come true and wishes appear from thin air.

I am a dangerous woman…….

Able to give unconditional love from an endless well within.

Blindingly bright ~ I will continue to shine until the stars fade from the heavens.

For God’s sake, don’t give me your heart, I might show you what it’s for and how to use it.

I am a dangerous woman……

Capable and real.

Genuine and wise.

Whatever you do, don’t tell me your secrets, I will keep them.

I am a dangerous woman…….

Gently staunch in my defense of family, friends and home.Crazy in love with my life.

Don’t expose me to your children, I may teach them something of value.

I am a dangerous woman………

Reveling in my sensuality.

Enjoying all the pleasures of being female.

Stay away from me if a lover that is both your equal and your joy is what you seek.

I am all that I am meant to be.

If this means danger then……

I AM a dangerous woman.

– Jennifer Farley


Some groovy recommendations for you!

**Need some yoga? Check out Marianne…She is from New Zealand, and is a powerhouse of fabulousness in her world changing world….

**any work or job we do can become meaningful, and the accumulation of the small daily joys can bring about a lifetime of contentment.

by Tony at We Only Do This Once…Read the entire blog post here…

~~~~~~~~~and now…drum roll……

Tribal Quest button

The Tribal Quest Experience

a six week online course!

Tribal Bellydance and Beyond…

 **bringing you the dance, the workout, the ideas, with the creatives–

a bevy of amazing women to share their life’s work with you,

so beautiful and inspired and with the celebration of ourselves.

LIfe is an ongoing quest, full of richness, movement, relationships-with yourself and with others, and healthy full living. Doing the work we love, having the body we honor, the loved ones we celebrate, and just having a great time through the whole journey! And being present and in the moment… right now!

Join Paulette Rees-Denis, Tami Lynn Kent, Cinzia Di Cioccio, Sarah Rose Jarolimek, Cristi  Nicholson, and Karen Hunt —

These powerful women are all part of this splendid new online class offering from Paulette Rees-Denis–The Tribal Quest Experience!

What do you quest for in your life, your dance, your health and well-being? We give you some fun ideas and tools to get your belly happy, your body moving, your creative power engaged, your words flowing and your Tribal Groove on…

**Be one of the first 25 to register and I will send you a free 22 minute warmup video (link on Vimeo) to get you started!

Register here

Starting Sunday, October 13th, 2013, and every Sunday for six weeks, let us bring you feminine courage, nutrition and delicious healthy food ideas, meditation and journaling exercises and prompts, tribal bellydance and fitness workouts, even finger cymbal playing! Oh yeah… what fun we will have together…

 Using all of what these outstanding women have come together to share with you in The Tribal Quest Experience,  let’s spend the next six weeks, grooving and honoring our fabulous selves. And they want you to be your freakin’ best, stepping it up–right now, right here. They have tools to share with you, for wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

 ~~~~~~Who and What am I bringing to you, on our Tribal Quest?

 Well, first, you got me!

        **Paulette Rees-Denis, your Tribal Hostess, and the innovator of Tribal Bellydance. I am your inspirator, I want you to move and enjoy your body, your rhythm, and the joy of the dance- to feel gorgeous, fit, in sync with yourself, to be potent and feel happy to be alive! Plus add writing to your movement and we reach in deeper to get to your core expression… oh yea…

*Cinzia DiCioccio, a dancer from Italy, and a member in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, is a yoga and dance instructor, and has danced with me for many years. In this series she  gives us several lovely yoga workouts–The Sun and The Moon Salutations, with breathing and meditation techniques, plus we show you how to play the  zils (finger cymbals) with several patterns with you to learn and practice with us.

*Tami Lynn Kent, author and body worker, has a powerful take on our female bodies and how to stay connected with our selves and our creativity. Watch her interview, and let’s get out our journals for some writing exercises.

*Sarah Rose Jarolimek, an energetic fitness instructor, shares some fun strength training and fitness workouts with a dancer’s sensibility.

*Cristi Nicholson, a nutrition coach, has good tips for us dancers and how to take care of our bodies, plus adds in some delicious recipes for you to try.

*Karen Hunt, a dancer in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company for many years, assists me in some Tribal bellydance classes for you to dance and drill with us!

~~~~~~~How do the weekly sessions work?

 First of all, it is all online. What that means is that you get to do it on your own time, morning, afternoon, evening, middle of the night (!) whenever works for you. And because there are different sections, some short and some longer ( 5-30 minutes) you can fit them into your schedule when you are ready. No pressure, no lateness, just do the exercises as often as you can. Gotta love that!

 Once a week, I send you an email, full of all the goodness, with a PDF to download, with instructions of course, plus MP3s to download, and video links (on Vimeo) with secret passwords (because this is a private group class, not intended to be passed around please). You can join our secret Facebook group to meet everyone and share as much or as little of your experiences as you desire. And you have the whole week to get through the items sent, as many times as you want!

~~~~~~What you will need for this course?

Your computer and the ability to download PDFs, and MP3s, plus watch videos on Vimeo (with a secret password), We will also have a secret Facebook page to meet each other and share our experiences, so if you desire to meet up with the group, I need you to friend me on Facebook and give me your facebook name. Community involvement and support is way cool, and so tribal!…

PURCHASE: Wild Feminine, the book by Tami Lynn Kent, will be referred to, so I suggest buying it from, here  —

 You will want a journal and pen to write in, a space just for you to read, write, meditate in, a larger space to workout, do yoga, and dance, plus you need to have a pair of finger cymbals (or zils) ready to go… (some of you may not want to learn this skill used in most styles of bellydance, but they sure are a blast to play!).

Places online to buy Zils

Saroyan Cymbals

Turquoise Int.

 And of course you will want to get in your kitchen to try out some of Cristi’s recipes!


Whew… sounds awesome, eh?

so my creative beauties….have a most fabulous weekend….

thanks for being here….


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