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Hey, that’s me at TribalCon in Atlanta last weekend… such a fun festival! More on that later…but want to see our performance now? Go here…

In my dance classes and workshops, I am always starting and ending in a circle. The circle has no beginning and no end. Everyone is equal. It brings us all together. Unites us. Joins the energy and brings protection and focus. And so much more… What do you  think?

Reading one of my fav blogging woman’s page the other day, Hannah Marcotti also talks about the circle, so I’m sharing! Profound. Simple.

“…Circling is vital to the movement. As women we crave this ‘red tent’ time together where we can nurture and be nurtured in a collective wave. We want to lead and be led, touch and be touched.

Circling is a form of healing when you stop fighting against feelings of jealousy, status, competition, judgement and open space for the truth inside of those feelings and allow yourself time inside of vulnerability, nurture, love, gentle power and forgiveness. Together…”

**Whoa! loving my new Taking Tribal Global Tshirts and dresslets! he he….




pretty dang  cute, huh?!!

**Share yourself! Austin says….

**and then share the love!

**and  then give!

**I so love this man and his words! Shane blows me away every time…

“…if you’ve got a heartbeat and a smile

you’ll never be short of something to give…”

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really…only $5.00!!! yowza….

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Thanks and enjoy… I’ll share some more manifesto goodness next week, and more of my Tribal Travels…life on the road…



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March 16th…

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