Writing Your Manifesto…Get the Ball Rolling and the Words Flowing! Part 2

Writing Your Manifesto…Get the Ball Rolling and the Words Flowing! Part 2, (of 3 parts)

Last week I wrote about true beliefs, finding your niche, being present, and other juicy ideas about reaching down deep inside yourself, with the idea of starting to write your Manifesto. I asked you to try journaling, to start getting thoughts, ideas, rants, everything out of your head and onto the paper. This is to help clear the mind and open yourself up for some good intuitive guidance and true core beliefs. Get the gunk out of the way. Did you give it a go?

Hoping you did, and you loved it! But sometimes it takes a while to develop a habit; some say it takes 21 days. There has been a lot of research to see if that is accurate, and for the most part, it is not. But to create a habit is about being committed and disciplined to get the outcome you are desiring. When you try something out, you need to give it a chance to be, to experience it, to see if it is the right fit. Sometimes you know right away. But often it takes longer than that. Repetition is sometimes easy, sometimes hard, sometimes magical! Think of the dance classes where you drill, drill, drill, to get moves into your muscle memory. And then, bingo, there you are doing that delicious step with out thinking too hard about it. Same thing with journaling. It takes practice.

Here is an article on creating habits from the Huffington Post…

OK, so let’s say you’ve been journaling. Good job. How about that accountability group idea I mentioned last issue? Did you gather up a friend or five and find time for a head to head and heart to heart soiree? Maybe you are all journaling together. How cool is that? Or discussing what your positive core beliefs are. Or supporting each other to find that dream job. This should be an energizing and creative adventure for you, no gossip, no negativity. Just good positive energy, support, and ideas within your group. Would you like the outcome to be moving forward with an open heart, loving intentions, to live that life we desire and to feel great right now? Hell yeah!

Now, with your thoughts clearer, your ideas growing, your intentions coming forward, you can start to write your own Manifesto!

Well, what exactly is a manifesto?

MANIFESTO : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

Jocelyn K Glei writes an article with five examples of different manifestos.

“Manifestos are a powerful catalyst. By publicly stating your views and intentions, you create a pact for taking action. (Movements from the American Revolution to Dogme 95 film to the Firefox web browser were all launched by manifestos.) If you want to change the world, even in just a small way, creating a personal or business manifesto is a great place to start.”

Here is an excerpt from Amy Pearson’s long Manifesto which she dedicates to the ‘change makers”:

“…I will allow other people to think what they will about my language, behavior and/or ideas without trying to control their opinions of me. I will care what people think of me but I will never let it stifle me. 

I will remember that an epic life requires risk and risk is supposed to be uncomfortable.

I will trust my instincts, especially around the doubters.

I will take “expert advice” into consideration but I will listen to me first.

I will show people the truth about me even when it feels vulnerable because I know THAT is the only way to real intimacy and connection.

When I screw up I will seek help with humility and an open heart.

I will remember that doing something crappy is better than doing nothing at all — because it is action not perfection that is the key to success…”

Don’t you love that? I think writing these sometimes intimate beliefs canshow your vulnerability. And that is a great thing. We can be proudwarriors, but we don’t have to be afraid or ashamed to show that we arehuman, that we may be imperfect, or believe in something someone elsemight laugh at.

You can read the entirety of Amy’s manifesto here.

And here is an artful manifesto from Holstee, and watch their video too!

Give those a read to give you some ideas. Aren’t you getting excited?

It takes a strong individual to stand up and state what they believe in. Courage. Commitment, Determination. And that means asking yourself some deep, and not so deep questions. What matters to you?

I have finished up my new 2nd Tribal Manifesto:
My outloud declaration of what I hold passionately to my heart and soul in intentions, love and life.

The delicious mixture of my Tribal Bellydance with my life…The dance and life together have taught me
To teach, to share, to give, to live…
To be a powerful catalyst for action,

To act on my intuitions,
To go after the life I desire, To give back,

And to honor and cherish all…to my heart and soul in intentions, love,

That is just the beginning of mine, and I have enjoyed writing, and rewriting it! If you did not get it when you signed up for this blog,  but I will share the final product with you next issue…

At the Tribal Con bellydance festival last week in Atlanta, I taught a super powerful writing class, where we journaled and talked and filled in the blanks and cried and had amazing A-ha moments (in just 2 hours!) and started ideas about our Manifestos…the revelations were pouring out of these dancers, and I’m looking forward to reading more of their manifestos as they get them going on!


*Now it’s your turn!
So let’s get started. Got your pen ready?

So, what are your core beliefs? Whoa…big question….

Of course, you could narrow that down to be about an aspect of yourself… in this case, maybe you as a dancer…or a teacher, an artist, or a coach, a mother, a wife, or whatever part of yourself, or all of yourself as you like. This it the time to enjoy yourself and revel in what you believe in.

Make it snappy, fun, sexy, loving. Stand up and shout it out. Cry a bit. And when we are done, let’s share it! That is powerful stuff. And let me tell you how energizing it is to open your heart and fully believe you are here for a purpose and to see just how beautiful you are.

You are a work of art.

What do you hope for?
What do you wish for everyday?
How do you feel about your body?
What is beautiful to you?
What is loyalty?
What do you believe about yourself?
What do you bring to your world?
How do you want to show up to the world?
What kind of world do you want to live in? (think about this: What are you sick and tired of?)

Don’t you feel grand? How proud to stand up and say it, to write it, to put it out to the world. It could change tomorrow but no matter…. Today is your day!

Here is another excerpt from my Manifesto from last year.

Paulette’s Tribal Manifesto

Screenshot 2014-02-19 05.40.39

*Honor the earth and honor each other. Be the steward, the caretaker, with no judgment or ego.

*Practice Ahimsa- with reverence and no harm to any living creature

*Constantly evolve, embrace change, pursue dreams. Let both you and your art revolve and evolve. Don’t settle.

*Live and walk in beauty and art

*Love all you have (or don’t have it)

*Create your own world of fabulousness.

*Body as temple=Temple of Love. Love it, live in it, let it grow Ultimately, your body is all you have.

You can read the entirety of it here.

Over this few weeks, you can reread what you write, rewrite it, refine it, add photographs, graphically design it, or just sit with it. Get into that habit of journaling everyday, or a few mornings a week. Get that support group going. Bring on the glow.

Next week I will share with you some more examples of assorted manifestos. I would love to hear how this is going for you, Please comment below your thoughts, your questions, and your manifestos if you have them ready to go, or email them to me at dacne@gypsycaravan.us. Let’s take a stand together…

Enjoy my dancing friends, thanks for digging in,



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