I thrive on…

Dance and Desire6I thrive on


good strong coffee,

a glass of robust red or a chilled dry white

a close and tight hug,

a smile


peonies make me weak from their unfolding beauty

yes, a walk on the beach—water heals my soul


I thrive on


the desire to be outside

the mutltitude of beauteous abundance around me

authentic people with open hearts

kindness for all living creatures

a kept and colorful home




a song to sing

an hour long glimmering dance workout

movies that make me scream, cry, laugh out loud

murder mysteries that I can’t put down


beautiful words written

and shared


paradise, of every kind


fresh simple meals made with love

to be eaten with friends

or strangers

people who love themselves first

deep intimacy



I thrive on


incredible people who walk with intention 

unfettered creativity

intuitive guidance

birdsongs in the morning



with gratitude…


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