Inspired and Grateful

I’ve been working on my writing practice, that is trying to write everyday…Sure I can blog, jot down thoughts, and share, but I need to get back to my practice of writing. This is hard for me when I am on the road so much. So today I read an inspired little blurp from a Desire Mapper (you know, from Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map), and she wrote about 45 minutes of Gratitude. And it was lovely. And personal. And rich. So it got my juices flowing too. And I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. And it felt delicious.

And I would love to share my thoughts of gratitude with you…



I am grateful

for my pen and journal—the pen glitters and reflects with the jewel-studded top—reflects with me as I write

I am grateful for the desire and ability to shine, reflect, and be vibrant—like my pen—living the life I desire and choose

I am grateful

for my voice-

            for the desire and ability    

                        to sing—loud and strong, with heart

                        to take a stand-

                                    to stand up for my beliefs

                                    and to act on my beliefs

                        to speak out loud

                                    with clarity, without fear of rejection or ridicule

                                    with love and passion

                                    with the desire to inspire

                                    with the intention to guide others on their paths

                        to speak clearly with truth and feeling

I am grateful

For my dance

                        It connects me with the tribes

                        It gives me my freedom, yet anchors me

                        It follows me everywhere yet leads me on my path

                        And then, for my dancing sisters, who share the love, the passion, the  spirit, and the freakin’ crazy fun we have together                                         on  our bizarrely wonderful road trips…

I am grateful

For the rain—it greens up my world so beautifully and gives sustenance

            And then

            I am even more grateful for the sun-the sunbunny that I am—it warms my body, mind, and soul—and it ripens and heightens my                                        instincts

I am grateful

 for my corgi-dogs, my best friends, my constant companions who make me laugh everyday

            Who feel what I feel

            Who know how to live in the moment

            Who live for love and play—( I need to pay even more attention!)

I am grateful

for my man

            Who loves me no matter what

            Who gets me

            Who is freakin’ sexy

            Who gives me space or the comfort of a warm hug

            Who stands tall and sure, moving forward with grace, ease, and lightness

            Who quietly encourages, supports, or guides as we walk our journey together

I am grateful

For my home

                        The artful abode I/we have created

                        For still standing and saving me when I fell and giving me creative space

                        For being my palace, my paradise, my armor, my future, and my fortress

I am grateful

For the few true friends, who stood (and still stand) by me, as I ran, as I explored

                        Who did not judge, condemn, question, or gossip, about my needs as I  healed and grew

                        Who never gave up or lost trust, or threw me aside

                        Who weren’t out to get what I could offer and then dinged me when I could no longer serve them

                        Who know how to have a good time, keep their creative juices flowing,  and bring me along for their ride too!

I am grateful

For my body, that has danced me through life, opening me up to all the possibilities, it has become my voice

            For the desire and ability to be vegan in our crazy world

                        To eat and cook amazing food that nourishes and inspires and feeds  me on many levels, and feeds my body all that it                                                  needs, craves,  and desires…with no harm to others

                        To have compassion and respect for all living creatures

                                    (and to try to have the same for those that don’t)

I am grateful

            For the animals of the world, many who have their lives taken away for human greed, for they still share a heartbeat with me…

I am grateful

            For my heroes, mentors, idols, saints, and saviors. friends, and family

                        Who constantly feed, inspire, support, motivate, and help not only me,  but the world to be a brighter, safer, creative, and                                            loving place to be

I am grateful

            For the freedom to soar and follow my heart, my guitar, my garden, my trailers, my bike, my workout, my meditations, my books, my kitchen, my camera, the internet, my work, music, words, song, dance, my tattoos, my cowboy boots, my senses to enjoy the bounty, hot tubs and hot showers, sex, art, green smoothies and amazing gluten-free pizza, breaking bread at the table with loved ones and strangers, tight jeans and black leggings, big hoop earrings and soup, jamming in the circle, jean jackets that act as my purse, being on the road with my man, honkytonk dives and music, pinot gris, laughter and soul searching, entrepreneurship and the buds of spring, darkness of the country and lights of the city, the woods and the open sky, and the indulgence of fine dining, my man’s mean bass playing, life, and you to share it all with…


If you want to read the inspiration, go here…many thanks to Mara for sharing that bit of her soul…

Can you share your words of gratitude, here, in the comments?



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